1 Day Delphi With Lunch

1 Day Delphi With Lunch

1 Day Delphi With Lunch Highlights:

– Delphi – Delphi Museum – Arachova – Levadia

1 Day Delphi With Lunch Schedule:

Apr 1 – Oct 31 Days: Daily Time: 8:30am Nov 1 – Mar 31 Days: Wed, Fri, & Sun Time: 8:30am


Departing from Athens we will pass through Levadia and Arachova (which is famous for its bright multi-coloured carpets). The tour then continues on to the impressive archaeological site of Delphi which is situated at the foot of the mountain Parnos. Delphi, the sanctuary of Apollo, offers the most amazing views of the olive groves of Amphissa, the Corinthian Gulf and the Pelopennese mountains. We will then visit the museum which houses the famous bronze Charioteer and the statue of Antinoos. From there we will guide you along the sacred way to the Athenian treasury followed by a chance to visit the unforgettable Temple of Apollo, where the masses flocked to consult the oracle.This ancient site, backed by the imposing Mount Parnassus, is situated in one of the most beautiful natural settings in Greece.

Additional Information

Inclusions: Entrance Fees to Delphi Entrance Fees to the Delphi Museum Exclusions: Lunch and Refreshments Gratuities Please Note: The site of Delphi is difficult to access for people with walking problems. Lunch is available at an additional cost. Please choose the appropriate option according to whether or not you want lunch included.


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