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Details Magazine/February; Santiago Mejia

“Young Americans often end up at one of the discos or restaurants in touristy Copacabana staring at other Americans. And that’s where Santiago Mejia comes in Handy. Mejia co-owns the two-year-old Miami-Based toursgonewild.com, which provides wingman primarily for young guys headed to Brazil. Mejia, 29, takes the eager office jockey from Wall Street or Hollywood and plops him down in places like the Sky Lounge, a strobe-soaked club where tonight, sweaty bodies on the dance floor grind to hip-hop beats.

Ibiza 2013 Line-up – What to Expect

The Line-ups are officially starting to be announced for Ibiza Summer 2013. There is major news and developments on the island as well as Ibiza Mainstays that will do their thing as they’ve done year after year. Ibiza is a magical island and if you love House Music, enjoy incredible weather, beautiful beaches, sexy people […]