Cusco City Tour plus Ruins

Cusco City Tour plus Ruins

Cusco City Tour plus Ruins Highlights

– Main Square – Convent of Santo Domingo – El Quorikancha Temple of the Sun – Cusco Cathedral & Cuzqueño Paintings

Cusco City Tour plus Ruins Schedule

Days: Daily Time: 2:00pm


The Cusco City Tour plus Ruins includes: visit to the capital city of the Incan Empire “El Tawantinsuyo,” from where the four parts of the Empire (called “suyos”) were managed: Chinchaysuyo (to the north), Contisuyo (to the West), the Collasuyo (to the south) and Antisuyo (to the east). Incan roads spread to all regions from the “Plaza” (main square). It’s for this reason that Cusco means “navel of the world.” We’ll visit the Temple of the Sun “El Qorikancha,” a place where the sun, one of the Incas major gods, was worshiped. Some stories say that when the conquerors arrived in the city, the temple was coated entirely in gold. Inside, you’ll have a chance to admire perfectly shaped stones and you’ll see how the conquerors built what stands now as the Convent of Santo Domingo, on the base of this Incan temple. Then we’ll head to the Artisans’ Quarters of San Blas to visit its church and its particularly impressive carved woodwork. On our way to the Cathedral, we will stop in the Hatun Rumiyoc street where the famous Twelve Angular stone is located. Upon arrival at the Cuzco Cathedral, you’ll discover many different paintings of the so-called Cuzqueño Art School, with images portraying historical events throughout the times of the South American conquest and colonization.

Additional Information

Inclusions: Admissions to Qoricancha Temple, Cusco Cathedral and San Blas Church Exclusions: Optional Guide Gratuities Please Note: Some people might get altitude sickness in Cusco. To prevent this, you have to take it easy the first few hours until you have adjusted to the altitude. It also helps to chew cocoa leaves and drink cocoa tea. Tours are based on coach seats Peru Museums are closed on Mondays. Vouchers will be waiting for you at your hotel in the city one week prior to tour departure. Prices are per person, as a group tour or private tour. Private tours require a minimum of 2 passengers and departure times are flexible.


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