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Rio Restaurants That Don’t Break the Bank

Most of the travel guides you’ll find online for Rio restaurants are only for the top, fanciest ones. We wanted to mix it up a bit and provide you with recommendations for Rio restaurants that offer a good value and won’t break the bank. These restaurants are frequented by locals and recommended by local staff in Rio. Rio de Janeiro has 1000’s of restaurants so it’s hard to pick the top 10, but we chose them based on their proximity to the South Zone (Ipanema/Copacabana) where most of you will stay, overall value and local recommendations.

  1. Balada Mix  is a perfect option if you are looking for delicious and healthy meals with a laid back environment. The perfect place for a Sunday Brunch! The juices are always freshly made; we recommend the Fruta de Conde (sugar apple) juice. 
  2. TT Burger is Rio’s US$10 (35 R$) Burger and stacks up to the ten dollar burgers in the US. It’s the perfect place to hit after a long day on the beach. It’s located in Aproador (between Ipanema & Copacabana beaches). It’s a small place and there is always a long line, but it’s 100% worth it if you want to taste a good Brazilian Burger. 
  3. Frederico is a small bar located in the heart of Copacabana. f you want a super cold beer with great finger food this is the place to go. 
  4. Fazendola is a great option if you are looking for an all you can eat place for a great value. It offers an All-You-Can eat Pizza Rodizio and a great Sushi Buffet………
  5. Bar Astor  Trendy and great view of the boardwalk in Ipanema with delicious food and great prices .
  6. Belmonte  A staple to have a beer for Brazilian locals and a casual dinner. Great hang out place as well to enjoy an ice cold “chop” or draft beer with the locals. (locations around Rio including Ipanema or Copacabana). 

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