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Brazil E-visas are now available

Good News for Visa Applicants to Brazil: Brazil E-visas NOW AVAILABLE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil launched effective November 25th 2017, the “Electronic Visitor Visa Program – E-VISA” (Brazil E-visas) for citizens from Australia, Canada, Japan  and the USA.    Passport holders from these countries  may apply now  for   Electronic visas and obtain them online, via the website or through apps for mobile phones or tablets instead of having to go to their closest consulate of Brazil!

Brazilian E-visas will cost $40USD which is substantially cheaper than the traditional visa (which was  $160 for Americans and $60 for Canadians. It will have a maximum validity of two years (versus the 10 years of a traditional visa from before.) If the applicants would like a 10 year visa or to apply in person, as before, they are also allowed to do so.

This is incredible news as sometimes it could take 2 weeks to a month to get a visa, now the process takes about 3 to 4 business days. This will definitely help with people wanting to travel to Brazil last-minute as well as not going through the hassle of having to go to the closest Brazilian embassy (sometimes in other states) and going through the hassle of all of the paperwork. Brazil E-visas will also help with your pocket-book as it’s $120 less than the old visa process.