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Brazil Visa Requirment Ends for US Citizens

The Brazil Visa Requirment for US, Canadian, Australian & Japanese Citizens wanting to travel to Brazil just got easier! Starting on June 17th, Citizens of those countries who wish to travel to Brazil—whether that’s for tourism or business—will be exempt from visas and their fees.

According to the decree, the benefit includes visitors who have valid passports traveling for leisure and business tourism, artistic or sporting activities or in exceptional situations for national interest. The initiative is valid also for tourists in transit in Brazil. The stay can last up to 90 days, extendable for the same period if it does not exceed 180 days, every 12 months, counted from the date of the first entry in the Country. If the time limit is exceeded, the visitor will be illegal and subject to measures of the Brazilian government.

The Brazilian Government is doing this to increase Tourism to the country. According to the WTO (World Trade Organization), countries that facilitate the visa process see an increase in tourism of about 25%. A year ago, Brazil implemented an Electronic Visa for the same 4 countries and there was a 35% increase in Visa Emissions based on the more traditional version where citizens needed to make an appointment at the closest consulate to their residence (sometimes in other states), fill out an application, personally go to the consulate and pay fees of up to US$160.

According to Arturo Perchemlian, TGW Travel Group President, sales for Rio Carnival 2019 increased by 35% vs. 2018. “This past year Rio Carnival started at the beginning of March. We were still making sales in January and February of this year, which was unheard of a year ago, due to the lengthy visa process and cost. The Electronic Visa facilitated this as it only took about 2 to 4 business days to get a visa and the cost was only US$44. With the Visa Waiver, we see our sales to Brazil only increasing. This is definitely a big deal and incredible news for the Brazilian Tourism Industry”, Perchemlian Added.

Keep in mind that if you are traveling to Brazil before June 17th, you still need to get a Brazil Electronic Visa.