New York Times names Rio de Janeiro #1 Place to go in 2013

The New York Times recently named Rio de Janeiro as the #1 place to go in 2013!!! If you are looking to travel to Rio de Janeiro in 2013 and have the time of your life, we recommend checking out our Rio de Janeiro Travel Packages. Here is a caption from the NY times article: ” Fifty-three years after Brazil’s federal government decamped to Brasília, and decades after São Paulo took over as the country’s business capital, Rio is staging a comeback. With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics (plus an oil boom) providing the impetus, the tropical city perhaps most famous for its Carnival hedonism is on its way to becoming a more sophisticated cultural hub. In January, the Cidade das Artes, or City of the Arts, was inaugurated as the new home of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. On March 23, Casa Daros — an outpost of the Zurich-based Daros Latinamerica Collection  — will open in a renovated 19th-century building with an exhibition of Colombian artists. March will also mark the opening of the Rio Museum of Art in Praça Mauá, a once decrepit port area now being revived. (The Santiago Calatrava-designed Museum of Tomorrow, also in the port area, is scheduled to follow in 2014.) Shopping, a Rio obsession, got a boost in December when the luxe VillageMall opened; it will soon house the city’s first Gucci outlet and South America’s first Apple Store. Special events also dot the coming year’s calendar, including the Catholic Church’s World Youth Day in July, the biennial Rio Book Fair starting in late August, and September’s Rock in Rio. And, of course, there’s soccer: the finals of the Confederations Cup, considered a dress rehearsal for the World Cup, will be held in a completely overhauled Maracanã Stadium on June 30. —  Seth Kugel” To check out the complete article and list of 46 places to travel to in 2013, go here:

The New Maracana Stadium – What to Expect

This past weekend the TGW Staff was able to check out Maracana Stadium, one of if not the most iconic soccer stadium in the world. It was a Fluminese vs. Flamengo Classic game. The tickets to the game ranged from 50 to 100 reais (US$20 – US$70), which is considered costly to Brazilians and thus resulted in the very low attendance of 18,000 people. Fluminese won the game 3-0 on counter attack goals as Flamengo controlled most of the game. The game wasn’t too exciting but what did get us excited was the actual stadium itself. It actually felt as if we were in a US or European Stadium.

The renovation of the stadium took 3 years and over US$500 million. The original seating bowl, with a two-tier configuration, was demolished, giving way to a new one-tier seating bowl. The new seats are colored yellow, blue and white forming along with the green of the match field, the Brazilian national colors. The visibility of the field is great no matter where you seat. The original stadium’s roof in concrete was demolished and substituted with a fiberglass tensioned membrane coated with Teflon. The new roof will cover 95% of the seats inside the stadium, unlike the former design, where protection was given to some seats in the upper ring and also from the seats of the bleachers above the gate access of each sector.

As far as the new capacity, it’s currently at 73,500. This is a lot less than the crowd that was at the Maracanazo in 1950 of 200,000.

As far as getting to the stadium, the quickest and most cost-effective (7 reais round-trip) is taking the subway. From Zona Sul (South Zone), you have to take metro Line 2 in direction of Pavuna. During the week and on World Cup match days the line operates from Botafogo to Pavuna and can be taken at any stop in between. You would get off at Maracana Station and the stadium is only a 2 minute walk from the station.

For the World Cup, Maracana Stadium will be host to 7 World Cup Games:
June 15 – Argentina vs. Bosnia
June 18 – Chile vs. Spain
June 21 – Belgium vs. Russia
June 25 – Ecuador vs. France
June 28 – Round of 16 Game
July 04 – Quarter Final
July 12 – World Cup Final

If you are looking to travel to Rio for any of these matches, we can provide you with all of your travel arrangements – Airfare, Accommodation, Tours, Transfers, Nightlife, and Much More. TGW has an office in Rio so we’ll be able to provide clients with exceptional service in that World Cup City!!! To check out all of our World Cup Travel Package options, follow this link:

Check Out some pictures taken from this past weekend:

maracana stadium world cup

maracana stadium world cup

maracana stadium world cup


maracana stadium world cup



ThunderCruise 2015 – Incentive Travel

TGW is not all about party trips. We can set up everything and anything for you or your organization. We recently put together an incentive travel group trip for Thunderbird Business Alumni. We organized 5-night cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Belize City, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico on Royal Caribbean’s world class Liberty of the Seas, one of the world’s largest cruise ships. TGW assisted with the organization and booking of the trip as well as assisted in marketing efforts.

Twenty Thunderbirds took to the high seas on a five night cruise from Florida to Belize and Mexico on an inaugural epic voyage led by J.P. Driessen ’99. Their trip kicked off with a serendipitous luncheon in Ft. Lauderdale with the new CEO and Director General of Thunderbird, Dr. Allen Morrison who was passing through on his Thunderbird World Tour. Apart from the private networking functions laden with intriguing storytelling, the cruisers had six fun filled days of non-stop activities such as scuba diving with sharks and snorkeling with stingrays and dolphins. Some visited Mayan ruins while others did zip lining and cave trekking. Several participants joined the event all the way from Japan and China! The graduating classes ranged from 1963 to 2012. Everybody made many new friends and unforgettable memories.

If you are looking to put together your own incentive travel group and need help, CLICK HERE and fill out your details.

Check out pictures from the cruise!

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Copa America Travel Packages

Copa America 2019 will be held in Brazil between June 14th & July 7th. It’s a football (soccer) tournament held every 2 years and it crowns the best national side in South America. The participating CONMEBOL countries are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay & Venezuela as well as two invited squads – Japan & Qatar, so there will be 12 teams total. So expect to see your favorite players such as Neymar, James Rodriguez, Luis Suarez, Coutinho, Dybala, and many more superstars.

Five Brazilian cities will host the tournament – Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte & Porto Alegre. The opening game on June 14th will be held in Sao Paulo at Morumbi Stadium and the Final, on July 7th, will be held in Rio de Janeiro at Maracana Stadium.

After successfully hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, Brazil is a natural at hosting huge athletic competitions. It doesn’t get any better than watching this football tournament in a country where “Futebol” is passion!

TGW Travel Group will be offering Copa America 2019 packages inclusive of airfare, accommodation, tours, transfers and entertainment. The draw of the tournament will take place on January 24th, 2019. At the moment, we will not be offering Copa America 2019 tickets, but can provide you with everything else.


Copa America Travel Packages:

Copa America Travel Packages will include the following:

  • Round Trip International Airfare
  • Domestic Airfare if applicable
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Airport Transfers
  • Transfers between cities
  • Tours

* Packages are 100% customized as long as they fall within the event dates. We can provide multi-city packages as well as 
** We can provide airfare from anywhere in the world.
*** At the moment, we can only offer packages for Rio de Janeiro. Packages for other cities will be available in February

Copa America Match Schedule:

Will be available in February.

Brazil Travel Visas Waived for Summer 2016

It’s a great time to travel to Brazil this summer! Yes, Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the 2016 Summer Games (August 5 – 21) and Paralympics (Sept. 7 – 18), but Brazil has also made it official that they will be waiving travel visas for US, Canadian, Australian and Japanese citizens from June 1 to September 18, 2016! So if you travel anytime between those dates (for stays of up to 90 days), YOU ONLY NEED A VALID PASSPORT! This is going to save you up to US$160 (for US citizens) plus the hassle that goes with going through the Travel Visa Process, which can take up to 3 to 4 weeks to get at some consulates!

The US passport is one of the most sought out passports in the world for ease of travel. US Citizens can travel to 172 countries without a travel visa. Brazil is one of the only countries in South America that makes US Citizens go through this process. Other countries, like Argentina, make US citizens pay a reciprocity fee of US$160, but it’s an easy online process that takes 10 minutes to do online. “When we inform clients that they need visas to travel to Brazil, some think we are talking about a Visa Credit Card vs. a Travel Visa as they have traveled to multiple countries and never had to get one. The travel industry has lost a ton of last minute business due to this requirement and we hope the visa waiver for Brazil becomes something permanent” adds Arturo Perchemlian, President of TGW Travel Group.

If you are looking to experience the Summer Games or Paralympic games in Brazil, you have one less expense and headache to worry about. Our TGW Rio Summer Games Packages start at US$2,999/person for a 5 night package. Keep in mind that pricing is a lot more expensive for this special event. You can also choose to travel to Rio in June or July as pricing starts at US$1,699 during this time. We also offer packages all over Brazil if you want to visit other destinations apart from Rio!  If you have never been to Brazil, you need to take advantage of the visa waiver. It’s definitely one of those destinations you need to check off your bucket-list!

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The Tours Gone Wild Ultimate Ibiza Experience

Tours Gone Wild offers two different packages to Ibiza. Our Ultimate VIP Ibiza Package, which is on set dates and includes VIP, Excursions Transfers, Security and VIP Hosts, and the Ibiza Summer Package, which is offered the entire Ibiza Summer Season and is a bit more standardized. Both packages are great, but if your dates and budget allow, we highly recommend traveling for the Ultimate VIP Package, which is for July 12 – 19, 2011 (usually around the same time each year).  If not, the Ibiza Summer Package will work for you. Below is a break-down of what each package includes: Ibiza is a very expensive destination and if you are going to do it, you might as well do it right. Below is some breakdown of the costs as well as the benefits of booking an Ibiza Trip with Tours Gone Wild. Drinks: Drinks in Ibiza are extremely expensive. Clubs charge about 15 Euros per drink. With the Ultimate VIP Package, a ½ a bottle of spirits is included. One 750 ml bottle accounts for about 18 shots, so 18 drinks. That’s 9 drinks that are already included in your package. Cost: 9 drinks @ 15 Euros (US$20) are US$180.00 plus tips that’s US$200 just on drinks!!!! Multiply that times 4 nights and that is $800.00. Total Cost of Drinks: US$800 Cabs/Transportation around Island: With the Ultimate VIP Package, all transportation to/from the clubs is included in the package as well as extra excursions. You may be thinking to yourself, that’s not a big deal, most clubs are close to my hotel. Two of the best clubs in Ibiza (Privilege & Amnesia) are located away from all hotels.  Getting a cab to the clubs is not difficult it’s the way back that’s a problem as there are limited cabs and they will probably charge you a lot extra for the way back.

    1. Cabs to/from clubs
      1. i.      Amnesia/Privilege – 50 Euros
      2. ii.       Space/Pacha – 30 Euros
  1. Cabs to/from Salinas Beach – 80 Euros
  2. Cabs to/from Café del Mar – 80 Euros
  3. Cabs to/from Beach Bar  – 70 Euros (you will not find a cab back from this place unless you call one)
  4. Cabs to/from Sunset Restaurant – 120 Euros (you will not find a cab back from this place unless you call one or make the person wait)
  5. Cabs to/from Airport:  40 Euros

Just in cabs to/from the clubs plus airport transfers, you will spend about 200 Euros, which is about US$280. Divide that by two and you are spending US$140.00 just on cabs for the week. One of the great things about the Ultimate VIP Package is that we show you the real Ibiza other than just the clubs. Ibiza has some incredible beaches as well as beach bars and some perfect places to check out the world famous Ibiza sunsets. Some of these places are very hard to find and mostly only locals or people “in the know” go to them. If you were to check these out on your own, it would be about 350 Euros in cabs (US$480). Divide that by two and that’s US$240 and that’s low-balling it as you will most likely need to hire a car service or have the cab wait and that would be a lot more. Total Cost of Cabs: US$380 Cover Entrance & VIP vs. Non-VIP: If you were to go with our Summer Package, a TGW Ibiza Expert would contact and assist you in picking the best parties based on your preferences based on the line-up during the time you are there.   He or she would also give you advice on things to do in Ibiza and answer all of your questions regarding the World’s most famous party island. Once your parties have been chosen, you will get an email with your Electronic Club Tickets, which you will print out and present at the door of the clubs, as well as the Ultimate Guide to Ibiza, a written guide with advice and recommendations about Ibiza. With the Summer Package option you would need to get to the clubs by a certain hour (usually midnight depending on the party). A special line will be set up for Electronic Club Ticket holders and it is advised to get there earlier to avoid the long lines. With our Ultimate VIP Package, the nightlife is set up where you experience the hottest parties at the 4 best clubs in Ibiza for the week you are there. You will receive your nightlife schedule with exact times that the TGW Staff members will take you to the clubs via private transfers. Once you get to the clubs you will enter via the VIP Entrances, which are separate from general admission.  For instance, in Pacha, we will take you through the back via the kitchen and up to the VIP Area of the club. There is no waiting in line and your VIP Hosts will assist you with bottle service as well as any other request you may have while in the club. You can always move around the club, but the VIP Section is there for you to have a home base and chill as some parties will literally be so packed that the regular section of the club will be standing room only. The TGW VIP Section will also be in some of the best areas because of our reputation in Ibiza and the contacts we have established there with the clubs throughout the years. Club covers alone in Ibiza are about 70 Euros per person/night (about US$100). Multiply this by the 4 nights and it is US$400. Total Cost of Covers: US$400.00 Right off the bat, I came up with US$1,580.00 worth of value in Tours Gone Wild’s Ultimate Ibiza Package based on drinks, covers and transportation. This is a low-ball figure because the company flies TGW Staff members from its Miami office to be with the group, has security each party night, supplies its clients with “in the know” island experiences and provides 24/7 on-site assistance. The package is expensive, but you will spend as much or more by doing this package on your own and not be guaranteed A Vacation of a Lifetime! Below are the Top Reasons you should not wait any longer and take Ibiza off your Bucket List by using Tours Gone Wild!

  1. The Rock Star Experience – With this package, you will be pampered like a rock star. No waiting in Line, Access to Ibiza’s best clubs/parties, VIP Access, Personal Security, On-call Assistance & Much More. You will be partying with the world’s elite at the hottest clubs on earth!
  2. “In The Know” Experiences – Although Ibiza is known as the party capital of the world, it does have a bit more than nightlife. The island has a magical way about it that only a handful of people know. Tours Gone Wild shows you some of Ibiza’s best kept secrets and places that you would most likely not experience if you went on your own.
  3. TGW Staff Members – These guys are in Ibiza to make sure you have an incredible time. They will give you advice about the island, are at the club with you each party night, make sure you get back to your hotel safe and sound, and are pretty much on the island to make sure you have an unbelievable holiday.
  4. Everything is already planned for you. – All you have to do is show up and have a great time. Flights, Transfers, Hotel Bookings, Nightlife, Restaurant Reservations, Extra Excursions, etc.
  5. Incredible Value for what you get – If you tried to piece this package together with a one or a couple of buddies, it would literally cost you an arm and a leg. The package is expensive but the value is incredible because of TGW’s connections in Ibiza as well as spreading the overall costs among a group of people.