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TGW Rio 2016 Recap

The Olympic Games only happen once every 4 years. It’s an extremely important event and labeled as the mecca in sporting events. Just imagine an event with more than 10,000 athletes competing in 31 sports!!! It’s a huge task for any city wanting to host it. The projected cost of the Olympics for Rio de Janeiro is estimated at over 11 billion US Dollars. So how did Rio de Janeiro do? It’s hard to base this on other Olympics as this was my first one, but I was actually very surprised on how well the city did. Here’s a brief Rio 2016 Recap of the Summer Olympics.

Months before the games even started, the main stream media was blowing everything up and scaring people to travel to Rio de Janeiro. External factors like the Brazilian economy & political situation, progress on the construction of event venues,  Zika, Terrorism scares, etc. were part of the daily news. Friends and Family living in the States would call me scared and ask me how everything was and meanwhile I was sipping on a caipirinha on Ipanema Beach and enjoying everything Rio has to offer with no care in the world. The day to day was totally normal. So moral of the story – PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ OR SEE ON THE NEWS!  The great thing about TGW is we have people at our destinations that are there to give you the honest truth. Our clients are our #1 priority and we would not put them in any danger or offer them something we would not personally do.

Bottom Line Rio de Janeiro put on a show! Yes, things were a little disorganized and last-minute preparations were done but at the end of the day, Rio de Janeiro showed the world that it can host a MEGA EVENT. Brazil had already done this in 2014 for the World Cup and Rio is used to hosting millions of people for Carnival and New Year’s. Here are my Top Takeaways from the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games:

  1. Legends Hung Up Their Cleats – It gives me goosebumps to say that I personally witnessed two of the top athletes ever compete! Usain Bolt (3 golds) and Michael Phelps (5 golds, 1 silver – 28 carrear total) went out with a bang.
    rio 2016 recap
  2. The Rio 2016 Venues – My jaw was literally floored by the new venues built or remodeled for the Games. They were definitely world class, but the venue that stood out to me was the Copacabana Beach Volleyball venue. It had an incredible, iconic backdrop built right on the sand.
    rio 2016 recap
  3.  Subway to Barra de Tijuca – One of if not the most important infrastructure to be built for the games was the Metro Line from Ipanema to Barra de Tijuca. The traffic between these two areas can take up to 2 to 3 hours, but now with the subway it’s only a 20 minute ride. Additional subway stations in Ipanema, Leblon & Sao Conrado were also built. This is definitely going to benefit the people of Rio as it will connect Barra with the rest of the city.
  4. Brazil Winning Gold in Football/Soccer – With all of its storied past including 5 World Cup wins, Brazil had never won an Olympic Gold for the beautiful game. Maracana Stadium literally exploded and gave the Brazilians a little bit of hope, not only in their team, but pride in their country after a rough year.
    rio 2016 recap
  5. Olympic Boulevard / Praca Maua – Rio’s port area has completely changed and has been revitalized. Once known as a dangerous part of town, this was the place to be during the Summer Games. Tons of Food Trucks lined the streets every day and there were a ton of events going on as well as some of Rio’s hottest parties. The Museum of Tomorrow is here and the new Rio Aquarium will also be inaugurated in the next couple of months! This will be a tourist destination in Rio de Janeiro for years to come!
    rio 2016 recap

This was a brief Rio 2016 Recap of the Summer Games. The list of great things that came from the Games is obviously longer, but hopefully I was able to get my point across. Rio is a great city and will continue to be a hot tourist destination. Yes, like any other city, it does have it’s downfalls and bad press, but it just seemed like before the Games, Rio could not get a break! The Games are over and Rio proved that it had what it takes to be an incredible host. If you weren’t able to make it and you were mesmerized and intrigued by this magical city, give TGW a call (786-522-3667) or fill out contact request below! We’ll be happy to show you Rio de Janeiro and make sure you have the time of your life!!!