Argentina Reciprocity Fee

Argentina Entry Requirements and Reciprocity Fee, How to pay and FAQ’s

Argentina Entry Requirements and Reciprocity Fee, How to pay and FAQ’s

Disclosure : Please note that this post is for general information purposes only and each traveler is encouraged to obtain information directly from his/her closest Argentine consulate  for up to the minute travel information and requirements as they frequently change!

Is a visa required to enter Argentina ?   Currently  Americans, Canadians, Australians do NOT require a visa to enter Argentina but DO need a to prepay  online what is known as a “reciprocity fee” to enter the country. (for USA Citizens see below!)  E.U. Citizens, as well as citizens from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Japan do NOT require a visa while citizens of certain countries such as India and U.A.E  DO require a visa prior to travel. For current entry requirements for other countries not listed, please refer to your closest consulate of Argentina for information. You may also click HERE for a list of countries with  entry requirements per country for Argentina.

*** Effective March 24th 2016, Americans will no longer need to pay the Reciprocity Fee. This is a temporary 90 day waiver which is likely to be formally ratified after the 90 days. Please check with your consulate of Argentina or your  travel rep if you are travelling for the latest information!

What is a “Reciprocity Fee” ?   The Argentina Reciprocity Fee is a fee charged to Americans, Canadians and Australian citizens that is exactly the same as what the USA, Canada and Australia charges Argentine citizens to travel to each respective country.  Argentina and certain other South American countries charge this fee (such as Chile and Bolivia) as well.

When do I pay the Reciprocity Fee, upon arrival? Effective early 2013, all passengers must PREPAY the fee online and CANNOT pay the fee upon arrival as it was done up to recently.

How much is the Argentina Reciprocity Fee?  The Argentine reciprocity fee is currently…..

* For Americans –  $160USD  – The fee is valid for ten years from the date of payment and multiple entries.

* For Australians – $150USD – The payment is good for five years and multiple entries.

* For Canadians – There are two possible options:

  • a one-entry fee of US$75 (which also allows exit and re-entry from bordering countries Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia at no additional charge within the three month period usually granted by Argentine Immigration)
  • a multiple-entry fee of US$150 which allows unlimited re-entries from all countries (bordering and non-bordering) until one month before the expiry date on the passport.


How do I pay the fee online?  click HERE for a link to the website  where you can pay the Argentine reciprocity fee online.


Below are the steps to follow in order to complete this procedure:

1) Enter the web site Provincia Pagos and register to start the process.
2) Complete the form with the corresponding personal and credit card information.
3) Print the payment receipt.
4) On arrival in Argentina, this printed receipt must be presented at Immigration Control. The receipt will be scanned by the Immigration officials, the information will be checked, and the traveler’s entry to the country registered.

 If I am visiting Argentina but only for Iguazu Falls/Puerto Iguazu by Land, do I have to pay the fee? Until recently (March 2013,) the reciprocity fee was only being charged at the EZE (Ezeiza Buenos Aires International) and AEP (Aeroparque domestic BA) airports. It is now being charged for ANY CROSSING INTO ARGENTINA EVEN A SHORT TOUR OF THE FALLS!  Since this fee has to be PREPAID ONLINE, please plan accordingly! If you do not wish to pay the fee and are going to be in the Falls area, we can also arrange for a tour of only the Brazilian side of the falls.



If you have any further questions or concerns regarding entry into Argentina or the reciprocity fee, please contact your closest consulate of Argentina or ask your TGW rep for more information!


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