Gaucho Barbecue Full Day Tour




Gau-cho [gou-choh] – “A South American cowboy usually of mixed Spanish and Native American Ancestry” Don Silvano is an authentic Argentinian Ranch where real agricultural-cattle work is an everyday way of life. Eight years ago, Don Silvano opened its doors to visitors, allowing them to learn about all the interesting parts of the gaucho life. The Gaucho Barbecue Full Day Tour ranch is located 87 kilometers from downtown Buenos Aires (approximately 1 hour trip). 11:00 – Reception in a traditional gaucho building known as “Rancho de Adobe” including empanadas (meat pies), wine and juice. 11:30 – Free Activities. Visit a museum, bakery, and several other parts of the ranch. As you make your way through the ranch you can go horseback riding or ride around the ranch on a tractor. Then the gauchos demonstrate how they put seats on the horses with horse trips. 13:00 – Lunch Time – Enjoy grilled traditional sausages, short ribs, and chichen. A specialty salad will be prepared including provenzal potatoes mixed with carrots and eggs. Your choice of drinks includes red or white wine, cola, sparkling water and water. For dessert enjoy ice cream and coffee. During lunch, you´ll be treated to a lively folklore show with traditional singing and dancing. Fun local dances will be performed including the participation of the public. Enjoy carriage rides, tractor rides and horseback riding. The gauchos will show you their creole skills including ring-races, horse mildness and troops retail-trade. 14:30 – The Gauchos will demonstrate further skills such as “Carreras Cuadreras”, “Carrera de la Sortija” and more. 16:00 – Snack: Enjoy the energizing national drink of Argentina, “mate” (hot root tea) and sweet cakes with quince jelly. 16:30 – Return to Buenos Aires

Additional Information

Inclusions: – Roundtrip Hotel Transportation from Downtown Buenos Aires Hotels – Snack and Lunch with Beverages – Admission & Demonstrations Exclusions: Optional Gratuities Please note: – Hotels in the Palermo Neighborhood do not include pick up or drop off. You will need to travel by your own means to receive transfers from a nearby hotel. – Passengers need to bring their passport or a copy as police stop the buses on the way to the Estancia to check passenger IDs. – This tour requires at least 2 passengers to run. In the unlikely event that two passengers have not registered by the departure date, you are entitled to a reschedule or refund. – Pick up is between 09.30 and 10.30.


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