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Aartee G. Toronto, Canada – TGW Travel Testimonials

“Booking Carnival in Rio with TGW was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! As someone who often travels alone and plans my own trips, I was weary of joining with a group but facing the daunting task of planning Carnival in Rio, I decided that it was probably the best option for me. I didn’t regret it for one moment! The trip was well organized, professional but most of all, the time of my life. The TGW team is helpful, fun, and vibrant. They were able to cater to groups of all ages and partiers of all styles, from those wanting to go to bed early to those wanting to party until the sun rose. I cannot describe the accommodating nature of this team and how smooth everything went – I can’t wait to travel with TGW again!!”  TGW Travel Testimonials – Aartee G. Toronto, Carnada


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