4 Bedroom Cartagena Villa 2

Location: Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia
Address: Cl. 39 #7-2 a 7-46, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia


This radiant 4 Bedroom Cartagena Villa 2 colonial-style Home is perfectly located in Cartagena’s historic Old Town. The 4 Bedroom Cartagena Villa 2 has an eclectic style, combining modern art with touches of traditional Colombian décor to achieve a unique and harmonious living space. White dominates the color palette while mixing blues to highlight the architecture, drawing inspiration from the oceanside views that characterize the area.

The sleek, clean-lined furniture in the living room is tastefully complemented by stylish accent pieces. Plus, lovely floor-to-ceiling windows allow sunshine to pour in and warm the common areas with natural light.

The kitchen is open and connected with the dining room, while both are polished and extremely spacious. The kitchen is completely updated with lovely Birchwood cabinets and shiny granite countertops while a gourmet stove, stainless steel appliances and six-person dining table make a relaxing meal at home even more enjoyable.

You will find three sizable, clean and comfortably-decorated bedrooms, each offering a king, queen and double twin beds respectively. “Please Note: Internet service in Old Town can be unreliable at times and outages do occur. If full internet access is a priority for you, please let us know prior to your arrival and we’ll advise on how to best stay connected throughout your stay.”

Cartagena’s Old Town features the well-preserved remains of the colonial city walls (“ciudad amurallada”). With its narrow streets and brightly painted colonial buildings, it’s the perfect setting to shelter from the midday sun or end the day with a cold beer in one of the dozens of fancy restaurants and clubs.

Sun-baked Cartagena is the gem of Colombia’s Caribbean coast. This is the place to drop any sightseeing routines and just stroll through the maze of cobbled alleys, where enormous balconies are shrouded in bougainvillea and massive churches cast their shadows across leafy plazas.

Bedrooms Distribution:

  • 2 bedrooms have queen sized beds.
  • 1 bedroom has x2 double beds.
  • 1 bedroom has a double bed + a single bed.

List of Amenities

  • Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Rooftop/Terrace
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Iron
  • Air conditioning
  • Cable TV
  • Safe
  • WIFI
  • Towels

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Cl. 39 #7-2 a 7-46, Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

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