best time to go to ibiza

Best Time to Go to Ibiza

TGW Travel has been providing trips to Ibiza since 2007 and we always get asked this question: “When is the Best Time to Go to Ibiza?“. If you are looking to party, the best times to travel to Ibiza are late May through the beginning of October. Keep in mind that Ibiza is a seasonal Summer Island, so if you are looking to travel any other time besides that, do not expect all of the clubs, hotels, shops, and even restaurants to be open. Also, keep in mind that it does get cold in Ibiza during the winter (December through March) and temperatures can dip below 5 degrees Celsius or high 30s/low 40s, so definitely no hitting the beach in the winter!

Late May / June:

Average Temperature: Mid to High 70s F / Mid 20s C
Prices: $$, 2nd less expensive months to travel
Special Events: Ibiza Music Conference, Ibiza Opening Parties

The Ibiza Music Conference is usually the last week of May every year. It’s an industry conference but will have some great parties you can attend as some of the best DJ’s in the World are in Ibiza that week. The clubs also start opening during this time and will have some extra headliners for their opening parties. It’s definitely a great time to go as the pricing of flights and hotels isn’t as expensive as other times of the summer and the opening parties are more than just a club night. The only knock to traveling during this time is that not all of the clubs/parties will be open.


Average Temperature: Low 80s F / Mid  to high 20s C
Prices: $$$, 2nd most expensive month to travel
Special Events: None, but all parties are in full swing

July is a great time to travel to Ibiza as all of the clubs/parties are in full swing so if you are there for a full week, you are going to be able to see the best Ibiza has to offer! The clubs are also not as crazy packed as they are in August. The weather starts getting a little hotter during July and the pricing increases, as well as flights and hotels, are more expensive than June. The month of July is a great time to go to get the most out of Ibiza!


Average Temperature: Mid to High 80s F / 30 C
Prices: $$$$, Most expensive month to travel
Special Events: BBC Radio 1 Weekend

August is the PEAK season as a lot of people from Europe take a vacation/holiday during this time. It’s also the hottest and most expensive time to travel to Ibiza. Hotels are at their highest rates and flights increase in price due to availability. If you are going during this time, we highly recommend booking early! As far as the clubs, they are the most packed during this time as well. VIP Tables sell out early and the hottest parties are packed to the brim! BBC Radio 1 weekend happens at the beginning of August and it’s the peak of the peak as Ibiza has thousands of extra clubbers and tourists during this weekend. The parties are hosted by England’s #1 Radio Station with a ton of special guests.

September / Early October:

Average Temperature: Low to High 70s F / Mid 20s C
Prices: $, Least expensive month to travel
Special Events: Ibiza Closing Parties

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, we recommend traveling to Ibiza in September. It’s after the peak summer season so flights come down in price and so do hotels. The weather is also not as hot, yet incredibly refreshing. Ibiza is also less packed during this time, so it’s more chill and less hectic. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not dead by any means, the clubs are still packed, but you can have more room to dance and not wait in long lines to get a drink. The crowds are also a bit more sophisticated and there are fewer kids. The Ibiza closing parties start in mid-September and this is when the parties and clubs close for the season. There are special guests during this time and the parties are EUPHORIC. The closing parties usually end the first week of October.

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As far as the best time to go to Ibiza, it all depends on you and what you are looking for in your trip. TGW has been putting packages together since 2007 and we can plan your perfect trip! Our packages include Airfare from anywhere in the world, Hotel Accommodation (3, 4 & 5 stars), Airport Transfers, Boat Parties, and Club Entrances. We also provide VIP Add-ons like concierge services, drivers, and table bookings! Check out our Ibiza Vacation Package.


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