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Brazil Visa FAQ’s and How to Get a Brazilian Tourist Visa in 2024 and 2025

Disclosure: This  post is for general information purposes only and each traveler is encouraged to obtain information directly from his/her closest Brazil consulate for up to the minute travel information and requirements.  (this page was last updated on April 9th, 2024 and all information is deemed reliable but is subject to change without notice.)

What is a Visa? – A Visa is an official document or stamp that is placed on the travelers actual passport  given them official permission to enter the foreign country.

What are the different types of visas ?  There are generally three types of visas –  Traditional visa  aka “Consular Visa”(where you must obtain a physical stamp on your passport PRIOR to departure via a consulate,  VOA (Visa on Arrival) where the individual obtains the visa stamp/permission on arrival at the actual overseas airport, and E-Visa (where the visa is applied for online prior to the trip and an individual receives the visa via fully electronically via email (generally in pdf format) where they can print and take the visa with them and show to government authorities upon arrival.

What countries require a Brazilian tourist visa? – As a general rule, if  a country requires Brazilians to get a visa to enter then Brazil will also require one for that country’s nationals  to enter Brazil . This is also knowns as Brazil’s “reciprocity” rule.  These rules change  due to political relations with countries, economic changes, the pandemic, and a variety of other circumstances.

Currently,  American, Canadian,  and Australian  passport holders,  DO NOT need for Brazil for entries up to April 9th, 2025. 

Starting on April 10, 2025,   all  American Citizens as well as Canadians and Australians  nationals will once again  REQUIRE a tourist visa for Brazil travel or they will not be allowed into the country.  (the visa requirement has been postponed three times already from October 2023 to January of 2024, to April of 2024 but it is now official and signed into law that visas are NOT required until 2025. Click HERE for the official presidential decree that was signed into law).

If you are a citizen of another country besides the countries referenced above,  click  HERE to see a list (from the Consulate of Brazil’s ) website indicating what countries require a visa and which are exempt. (note that this link may not be continuously updated and this last update linked was from March 2023)

Can I obtain my visa at the airport or when I get to Brazil? –  No. The  tourist visa for Brazil for American /Canadian/Australian tourists starting on April 10, 2024 will be an E-VISA which must be obtained PRIOR to departure and will not be a VOA (Visa on Arrival).

Do I need a visa to travel to Brazil if I already have a passport? – If you require a visa for travel, YES. A visa is special permission to enter Brazil granted by the  Brazilian government permitting you to enter Brazil and has nothing to do with the passport itself.

Where/how do I  obtain my Brazil visa? –  If you  require a visa, you may obtain your visa directly at the closest consulate of Brazil to where you live OR through a designated government application portal or official third party in the case of E-Visas. For the current portal used for visa processing for Brazil e-visas  CLICK HERE. It is not known if this portal will be active or another provider will be chosen for 2025.

How long does it take to process a visa? –  Starting in April of 2025, It will take approximately 5 business days to process your electronic tourist visa for Brazil.  We recommend obtaining the visa with as much lead time as possible in case of any errors in your application in which case you would have to re-submit the application.

Can I process my visa at a local post office?NO. The only entity that can issue a Brazilian Visa is the Brazilian government. Post offices generally are places in the USA where you may be able to obtain a USA PASSPORT but this has nothing to do with a Brazilian tourist visa. Click HERE for information on how to get a USA passport.

Do I have to turn in/send in my actual passport for a Visa? –  The Brazil 2024 tourist visa will  be electronic for USA/ Canadian and Australian passport holders so it is NOT needed to mail in or turn in your  physical passport.

Can I be denied a Visa? -Yes although the majority of the cases for denials would be due to  incomplete applications and errors filling out the forms. Note that if you are denied an electronic visa you may need a consular visa which is a lot lengthier process so be careful filling out the forms online.

What will the cost of the Visa be? – The electronic tourist visa for US Citizens to travel to Brazil in 20254 will cost $80USD  payable online via visa or Mastercard.

How long are visas valid for? – The new electronic Brazil visa will be reportedly valid for 5 years for Canadians and Australians and 10 years for Americans  They are multiple entry with stays of 90 days maximum for each visit.

What if my passport expires before the end of the visa period? – If you have a valid visa for Brazil and your passport expired but your visa expiration date is good past your passport expiration date, we recommend that you contact your closest consulate and send them a copy of your visa and get verification in in writing from them that the visa is still valid before traveling.

If I am a dual citizen of a country that doesn’t need a visa but a US /Canadian/Australian  citizen,  can I use my 2nd passport to avoid getting a visa? –  Generally yes! You would check into your flight with your passport from the country that does NOT require a visa for Brazil, arrive in Brazil with that passport, but return to your home country with your home country passport or resident card.

Can TGW process my visa for me? –  TGW Travel Group is NOT a visa processing company so it cannot do so. The only authorities able to grant Brazilian tourist visas are the designated visa processing company in this link here , or any consulate of Brazil. TGW Travel Group has nothing to do with visa issuance and cannot process any visa.

Up to when can I travel visa free to Brazil? –  As long as you arrive before April 9th, 2025 you do NOT need a visa if you hold a passport from the United States, Canada or Australia.   This applies even if you stay after April 9th.   If you enter the country starting April 10th, 2025 onwards you DO need a Brazilian tourist visa prior to departure.

What documentation will be required for the Brazil tourist electronic visa? 

  • Passport (signed, valid up to end of your stay in Brazil , 2  free visa pages on the passport book).
  • Visa application form (completed online).
  • Passport-style photo (2” x 2”, white background).
  • E-visa fee payment (US$ 80.90).
  • Confirmation of flight reservation (showing entrance into and exit from Brazil).
  • Printed bank statement showing transactions for the last 30 days and showing at least US$ 2,000.00 for travel.

Do you have any tips regarding Visa processing? –  YES!

  1. Have necessary documentation ready and in hand prior to beginning your online visa application session.
  2. Use a desktop PC instead of a mobile device or a tablet.
  3. Process your visa promptly. Give yourself two months prior at least if possible.  This give you a margin of error in case of any errors in the process or delays in the process.  
  4. When filling out the visa application forms online, make sure to follow ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.  Visas can be denied or delayed for failure to complete the forms correctly or not having the correct size of your picture (JPEG) etc. The paperwork and forms are not difficult but you need to follow EXACT INSTRUCTIONS to a tee.  If you are denied an online visa, you may have to get a consular one so please be meticulous when applying to avoid any errors.
  5.  Be mindful of your arrival date. If you obtain a visa with the wrong arrival date or obtain a visa and specify an arrival date and then decide to arrive earlier than the date on your visa, it will NOT be valid!
  6. Print Two Copies of Your eVisa: Ensure that you have physical copies of your eVisa for your travel documentation. Having two copies provides a reliable backup in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  7. Take a Screenshot of your e-visa on your cell phone.  This ensures quick and easy access during your trip, especially when you might not have internet or Wi-Fi.
  8.  Backup your visa on the cloud:  Safeguard against loss or damage by storing a duplicate of your eVisa in your cloud storage or in your email on the cloud.

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