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Brazil Visa FAQ’s and How to Get a Brazil Visa

FAQ’s regarding Visas often asked by our Clients…

Disclosure: Please note that this post is for general information purposes only and each traveler is encouraged to obtain information directly from his/her closest Brazil consulate for up to the minute travel information and requirements as they frequently change!

If you are an American, Canadian, or  Australian or Japanese citizen you DO NOT need a visa for Brazil (this was implemented in June of 2019)  for stays up to 90 days for tourism. If you are an E.U. citizen or South African, Colombian, Peruvian, Mexican, Argentinian, you also do NOT need a visa to travel to Brazil.

For current Brazil COVID related travel documentation and restrictions click HERE

What is a Visa? – A Visa is a stamp on your passport on one of the back pages from a foreign country giving you permission to enter and travel to that country .

What countries require a Brazil visa? – As a general rule, if your country requires Brazilians to get a visa to enter then Brazil will also require one for you to enter Brazil (they call this “reciprocity” rule).

If you are an American, Canadian, or  Australian or Japanese citizen you DO NOT need a visa for Brazil effective **** June 17th, 2019 **** for stays up to 90 days for tourism. If you are an E.U. citizen or South African, Colombian, Peruvian, Mexican, Argentinian, you also do NOT need a visa to travel to Brazil.   

If you are a citizen of another country besides these, click  HERE to see a list (from the Consulate of Brazil’s ) website indicating what countries require a visa and which are exempt. (be sure to carefully read the first page and number codes to understand the site).

Can I obtain my visa at the airport or when I get to Brazil? – If you require a visa, you must obtain the visa PRIOR to departure! You MAY NOT obtain a visa at the airport and will be DENIED BOARDING your flight to Brazil if you don’t have the visa prior to your flight! (airlines are fined heavily if they accept passengers to travel that don’t have visas and will check for your visa when you check into your flight!!) Although some countries do issue visas “upon arrival”, Brazil currently does NOT do this and you MUST OBTAIN THE VISA BEFOREHAND!!

Do I need a visa to travel to Brazil if I already have a passport? – If you require a visa for travel, YES. A visa is a stamp on one of the back pages of your actual passport from the Brazilian government permitting you to enter Brazil and has nothing to do with the passport itself.

Where/how do I  obtain my Brazil visa? – You may obtain your visa directly at the closest consulate of Brazil to where you live OR through a third party visa processing company. Starting on June 17th, 2019 Americans/Canadians/Australians and Japanese will have a VISA WAIVER for travel to Brazil so NO VISA will be required for stays up to 90 days!!!

How long is the visa good for? – Visas are good for anywhere between 30 days and up to 10 years, depending on what the consulate will issue you.

How long does it take to process a visa? – This depends on your nationality and can range from one business day or “same day” to up to a month or more. We recommend obtaining the visa with as much lead time as possible in case of any errors in your application in which case you would have to re-submit the application.

Can I process my visa at a local post office? – NO. The only entity that can issue a Brazilian Visa is the Brazilian government via a Consulate or the visa processing website mentioned above.

Do I have to turn in/send in my actual passport for a Visa? – YES. Generally, you would.

Can I be denied a Visa? – Yes. You can be denied a visa to travel to Brazil. If your country requires one of you it may be a good idea to apply FIRST then book your trip with us AFTER visa issuance.

Can I use my Visa if my passport is expired? – If you were already issued a Brazilian Visa on a passport and the passport has subsequently expired, you can carry the old passport with the unexpired Brazilian visa along with your new passport without a problem.

Do I need any other documentation to enter Brazil? – Typically not. Please check your Consulate of Brazil for details. You may also want to check your own country’s regulations when you re-enter (for example, some countries may require a yellow fever certificate to re-enter AFTER having visited Brazil such as South Africa and Colombia.)

Do I need any vaccinations to enter Brazil? – At the moment you do NOT REQUIRE vaccinations to physically enter and travel to Brazil. However, we recommend that you check with your family doctor as well as with your government (such as the CDC, etc) for RECOMMENDATIONS for vaccinations.

If I am a dual citizen of a country that doesn’t need a visa but a US /Canadian citizen can I use my 2nd passport to avoid getting a visa? –  Generally yes! You would check into your flight with your passport from the country that does NOT require a visa for Brazil, arrive in Brazil with that passport, but return to your home country with your home country passport or resident card.

Can TGW process my visa for me? –  TGW Travel Group is NOT a visa processing company so it cannot do so.

Do you have any tips regarding Visa processing? –  YES!

  1. Process your visa promptly. If you are eligible for a Brazil E-Visa even if the website indicates a five day turnaround time, this does NOT account for any errors. For this reason, we recommend at LEAST ONE MONTH prior!
  2. When filling out the visa application forms online, make sure to follow ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.  Visas can be denied or delayed for failure to complete the forms correctly or not having the correct size of your picture (JPEG) etc. The paperwork and forms are not difficult but you need to follow EXACT INSTRUCTIONS!
  3. If applying in person, make sure to make an appointment (where applicable) and read your local Brazilian consulate’s website for hours of operation, holidays, and exact procedures as each consulate has specific and different requirements processing times and procedures.
  4. Arrive early to your appointment and take something to read.
  5. Be courteous and patient with all consulate staff.
  6. Make sure your passports do not expire within 6 months of arrival in Brazil. Additionally, you will need two blank pages in the back of your passport for the Visa. (if you do not have those you will need to renew your passport).

If you have any further questions about visas or travel documentation, please contact your TGW rep!


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