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Ibiza VIP Tables – Is it Worth It?

If you are looking to have the time of your life in Ibiza and are NOT on a budget, we highly recommend upgrading to VIP! Ibiza VIP Tables differ in price. There’s not a set price per club as well as per night. A club VIP manager at Pacha Ibiza (for example) can charge 400 euros for a table for 2 people for the party on Wednesday and 800 euros for the same table for the FMIF party on Thursday. Yes, the law of Supply and Demand plays a big part in Ibiza. If the party is hot, expect to pay more. We’ll get into the pricing of the VIP a bit later, right now you want to know if it’s worth paying extra.

Top Reasons to Upgrade to Ibiza VIP Tables:

  • Comfort – This is obviously the most logical reason to get VIP.
    • The VIP entrance at clubs in Ibiza has a different queue than the main entrance so there is no waiting in line.
    • You have your own table so you can move around the club freely and always come back to it. Depending on the club and if it’s a larger table, you will also have a place to sit.
    • Some nights in Ibiza are EXTREMELY packed (yes, packed like sardines), so moving around the club is not easy, much less trying to get a drink. So not only is it a mission to get to the bar but then waiting in line and trying to catch the bartender’s attention is Mission #2. In the VIP, all you have to do is call over the waiter and ask for whatever you want.
    • Bathrooms – All VIP Areas at the clubs will have a general VIP bathroom for VIP patrons. At some clubs (Amnesia for instance), some of the individual VIP areas have their bathrooms.
  • Crowd
    • If you are in your 30s+, you probably want to mingle with people around the same age. People in the VIP are usually a bit older. Keep in mind that all clubs in Ibiza are 18+, so they will be packed with the crazy younger crowd on the dance floor. Even if you want to get on the dance floor, the great thing is that you always have your safe shelter in the VIP.
    • The VIP in Ibiza is not always packed with celebrities, yes, you may see them here and there, but they are full of people that can afford VIP, so the crowd is more sophisticated and affluent.
  • If you are going to Consume 5 or more drinks
    • Ibiza is not cheap and if you decide to purchase a drink, it’s going to be between 15 and 20 euros a pop. If you purchase 5 drinks that night, that’s 100 euros right there plus any drinks you purchase for friends or the cute girl you met at the bar.

VIP is not for everyone, but if you want to do Ibiza right, it’s worth to upgrade to Ibiza VIP Tables! The cost can range from 150 to 500 euros per person. It all depends on the location of the table, supply and demand, the number of people in your group and who you know.

The great thing about booking with TGW Travel Group is that our contacts in Ibiza are in the know. We deal with the VIP Managers on a weekly basis so they can offer better deals on VIP vs. if you walked up directly to the club on a busy night. If you are interested in VIP, we also recommend doing it ahead of time. If you wait until the night, expect to pay more or not have tables available. We also do not do any last-minute bookings.

So if you are asking yourself, is it worth booking VIP Tables in Ibiza??? Our answer is YES, and if you purchased a package with TGW, we’ll take care of all of booking all of your Ibiza VIP Tables!!!


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