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“This was my first trip to Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval and TGW hit a home run. I am so glad that I booked my trip with them instead of going any other routes. From the moment I booked my trip, they were with me all the way with any type of info I needed about the trip. Upon arriving into Rio, I was a little upset because of a baggage problem (completely my fault) but as soon as I turned that corner and saw the signs with my name on it with TGW agents ready to take me to the hotel, I was okay. They even helped me locate and get my baggage later. Believe me when I say this: TGW IS THE ONLY WAY I WILL EVER TRAVEL TO RIO AGAIN. The parties were absolutely amazing. We had VIP treatment at all of them. These were parties that not just anyone could go to. Anything you needed, they were on it and ready to assist. That took a huge burden off of everyone. If you ever go to Brazil, it would benefit you to learn a little Portuguese but if you know hardly any, like me, you’ll still be okay. The agents spoke English fluently and could party. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being most extreme) I give the parties and fun a 5.5 (lol). But if you are not a big party person and want to go for the sights (and there are an infinite number of those there) and tours, you’re good on that too. Bottom line: TGW ROCKS!” TGW Travel Group Reviews – Jesse W.

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