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Leona H. – TGW Travel Group Testimonials

“I didn’t even want to go to Carnival. It was never on my list but my travel buddy really wanted to go so I came along for the ride. I was absolutely blown away with the quality of this trip! TGW plans everything in an amazing way. As two single females I was a bit nervous about the crowds and “wildness factor” of Carnival (only being able to compare to Fantasy Fest and Mardi Gras in the states. I was so wrong. TGW made sure we were always safe. The parties were literally VIP all the way and the Sambadrome parade was indescribable. I HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone that has even remotely considered a trip to Rio/Carnival. My only constructive review is for the first night party – social mixer. The location was less than ideal for social mixing. Having a party VIP in stadium seating does not allow for interaction with strangers. This could be improved upon for future events.” TGW Travel Group Testimonials – Leona H.

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