American Airlines Non-Stop Flight LAX to Brazil

Back in 2013, American Airlines  announced a new NON-STOP flight from Los Angeles (LAX) Airport to Sao Paulo, Brazil (GRU) (flight LAX to Brazil). The American Airlines route is one of the longest flights to South America and used to fly 6 times per week. With the addition of the LAX to Buenos Aires segment, the Non-Stop LAX to Sao Paulo segment was cut to 4 times per week. This non-stop flight to Brazil for Californians opens up a quicker/better way to see Brazil and not have to connect in Dallas, JFK or Miami.

Although Korean Airlines does currently fly this route a few times a week, it is BIG NEWS for anyone wanting to travel to Brazil from the west coast, as there hasn’t been a non-stop flight daily from the West Coast to Brazil since the former VARIG flights that ended in 2006. The only other flight that American Airlines operates to South America from LAX is to Buenos Aires (as mentioned above). This route is a great expansion of the airline’s Latin American footprint and extended network to Brazil and South America.

Due to the pandemic, both of these segments are currently suspended, but AA is looking to re-establish the flight to Buenos Aires and  Sao Paulo some time in the future. Whether you are looking for tickets from LAX to Brazil or any other city in the US to South America, Keep in mind that TGW Travel Group provides incredible flight deals. Give us a call or fill out our contact request to get pricing on your next trip.


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