Pamplona Bull Fights – Ticket Only

Pamplona Bull Fights are one of the top attractions during Running of the Bulls. The ticket to the Bull Fight is only included and will be dropped off at your hotel after you arrive in Pamplona. Transportation to Bull Ring is not included.

Pamplona Bull Fight Dates: Every evening from the 6 to 14 of July during the Running of the Bulls/San Fermin Festival, the bullfights take place in the Plaza de Toros, (where the morning Bull Run terminates). From July 6 to 14, the bullfights start at 6:30 pm.

About Pamplona Bull Fights: The fights of the Feria del Toro are organized by the “Casa de Misericordia” or “Meca” (Old-Folks Home) and the profits go towards the upkeep of this charitable institution. This philanthropic end makes it somewhat easier to pay the expensive prices.

This is an essential part of the San Fermín festival (apart from the bull-fights during the Sanfermines there are no other bull-fights during the rest of the year, although there is no lack of aficionados, particularly among those people who frequent the Club Taurino).

In short, the bullfight during San Fermín is a continuation of the pandemonium which is going on in the street during these festival days. It is just another platform for getting on with the basic function of the “fiesta”, which is to have a hell of a good time and to eat and drink over the top and generally to do your own thing any old way you want. For many people, the start of the bullfights is the start of the day. (The bullfights start at 6.30 in the late afternoon!)

Bull Fight Tickets Available:

  • Andananda (Covered Bullring Seats in Shade) – The Andanada section of the bullfighting arena in the upper deck of the stadium. The back half of the section is covered, while the front half is exposed. Remember that the Sombra (shade) seats are considered more premium to avoid the hot summer sun.
  • Grada (Grandstands) – Grada seats are behind the Tendido rows, and are the only lower-deck rows covered by a roof.
  • Tendido (front row seats) – The Tendido section is the most popular, because it offers good views from the lower deck of the bullfighting arena, but doesn’t cost as much as Barrera or Contrabarrera. Tendido bullfight tickets are directly behind Contrabarrera and in front of Grada seats.


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