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Rio de Janeiro Carnival Balls

What is a Rio Carnival Ball ? – A Rio de Janeiro Carnival Ball is simply a Carnival themed Party that features live Brazilian Carnival entertainment such as the drummers/dancers from a Samba School and live music. The parties are held in various locations around Rio and typically are quite large with at least 1,000 guests.

rio de janeiro carnival balls

rio de janeiro carnival balls

What are the most famous of these Rio de Janeiro Carnival Balls?- The most famous are definitely the Scala Balls and the Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace.  The Scala Balls are held nightly during carnival in downtown Rio and feature various different themes nightly, including the famous Gay Ball on Tuesday night. Even though the Scala Balls are the most known, in the past couple of years the quality of the parties have gone down and thus we do not use them as our party options. The Magic Ball is a great ball to attend and the most luxurious. We can provide it as an add-on without a problem, but do not include it as a party option with our packages as the tickets start at US$800 to US$1000 per person. 

What is the background behind Rio de Janeiro Carnival Balls? Carnival balls originated in Venice, Italy and were elegant and extravagant events where people would wear masks and party until the wee hours of the morning before the start of Lent (Ash Wednesday). The tradition spread around the world and to Rio when certain hotels and some private locations began hosting events mimicking Venice Carnival Balls. The tradition stuck and there are still Carnival Balls in Rio de Janeiro but now with a Brazilian twist with Samba dancers and the like.

Are Carnival Balls Elegant events where you must dress up?  Not so much. Carnival balls throughout the years have evolved quite a bit and now the ONLY Ball that is  luxurious , upscale and a true elegant “Ball” is the Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace. Other Balls such as Scala, Devassa and others are much less formal and there is NO need to dress up in fancy dress.

Do you offer Scala Balls  or include them as part of your Events?   Although we can definitely provide clients with Scala Ball tickets at a very competitive rate , we   DO  NOT include them as part of our tours or VIP EVENTS .

The reason for this is because the Scala balls (as of 2015) have not been very good and have sadly consistently lost quality. They are frequented almost exclusively by tourists who have heard of these Scala Balls online and NOT BY LOCALS. For this reason we do NOT recommend these balls if you are looking for an event frequented by young professionals from Brazil . In years past we have offered Devassa Balls, which were very good events and more frequented by LOCALS, but they were discontinued in 2015 and it will not be known if they will be offered in 2016 until the end of the year.

Do you include The Magic Ball as one of your events ?  The Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace Hotel is an amazing and exclusive black tie affair where celebrities, businessmen and the like attend every year. The Ball is held on Saturday of Carnival and is quite expensive. The tickets, to give you an idea, start at about $700USD and for this reason we do NOT include them in our base package events. If you would like to attend the Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace we can DEFINITELY provide you with tickets and do so every year for clients who request this party.


Magic Ball – Copacabana Palace Pictured Above

Will TGW take me to a Carnival Ball with my package ?  Typically YES! We try to include one ball every year but as mentioned before NOT Scala or  Copacabana Palace Magic Ball. In past Carnivals, for example, we took the group to an amazing masquerade ball on top of the Sugarloaf Mountain including guides, and tables/bottle service while we have also taken clients to Carnival themed parties during the day/afternoons at private lounges with food and drinks and live samba dancers.  

rio carnival 2016 party

rio carnival ball 2016


If you have any further questions about Carnival Balls in Rio or would like package pricing, please click HERE.