San Sebastian Tour for Foodies

You have a weak spot. Yes, you or otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. For all foodies at heart we are offering the San Sebastian Tour for Foodies!

In this tour we combine the the oldest food temples who are still feeding the regulars and the new entrepreneurs who have sought the best providers of foie, oils, chocolates and all things espelette pepper from both side of the border: Spain and France.

Dive into our food markets where we meet our regular providers and give us a taste of what daily life is in San Sebastian this true foodie paradise and one of Spain’s best culinary capitals. We finish this tour in a private little corner of the old part of town going back to the basics which for us is great food, even better wine and new friends.

 San Sebastian Tour for Foodies Highlights:

  • Scout the two main food markets that source the city with fresh products in the good company of our local expert guide.
  • Discover what veggies, fish and meat products are on season during your visit
  • Approach some farmers and get to taste some of their delicacies in the foodie heart of the city

 San Sebastian Tour for Foodies Includes:

  • Basque Local Guide
  •  Private Group
  •  Local food (cheese, charcutterie,pickles,etc)
  •  Wine
  •  Hotel Pick up

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