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Sertanejo Music – Hitting Brazil & The World by Storm!

TGW Travel Group ( prides itself on showing its clients the hottest nightlife in Rio de Janeiro (among other destinations). If you are traveling to Brazil, you might as well go to local spots to party with Brazilians. Although Electronic Dance Music & Hip Hop are still huge in Brazil, Sertanejo is sweeping the clubs in Brazil by storm. The hottest clubs in Rio de Janeiro may have one night out of the week dedicated to Sertanejo with live bands and you will also hear it once in a while throughout the night on regular nights. Música sertaneja or Sertanejo is a music style that had its origins in the countryside of Brazil in the 1920s. It is a kind of country music in the US. It is the most popular music style in Brazil, being particularly more popular throughout the interior of Brazil. Sub-genres include Root Sertanejo, Romantic Sertanejo, and Sertanejo Universitário. Sertanejo songs have been, from the 1990s on, the most played music genre on Brazilian radio, constantly topping the Brazilian music charts. Additionally, from 2000 to 2003, and since 2009, música sertaneja albums have been granted a specific category at the Latin Grammy Awards. If you are looking to travel to Rio de Janeiro, contact us via phone (1-877-456-WILD) or send us an email leads(at)


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