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Trip Cancellation Insurance and the Coronavirus

Travel Insurance is more important than ever this day and age with the unpredictability of global events such as the COVID-19 CoronaVirus pandemic. Many travelers are nervous or apprehensive about booking future travel during this crisis. Below are some top questions relating specifically to trip cancellation coverage about the  Coronavirus pandemic.

  1. What exactly is Travel Insurance? Travel insurance is an insurance policy purchased through a licensed trip/travel insurance company that is intended to cover medical expenses, trip cancellation, and mishaps when traveling abroad or within your home country.
  2. Is this coverage included with my package? We do NOT include trip insurance in our packages and they MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY (typically within 14 days of your initial deposit date). We do NOT include the insurance in our packages, because policies vary in cost depending on factors such as age, state/country of residence, trip cost, and other factors.
  3. Is cancellation for the coronavirus included in policies? Because the coronavirus is already a “known event”, it typically is EXCLUDED from NEWLY purchased standard travel insurance coverage so you would likely NOT be covered for cancellation if you are canceling your trip because of the coronavirus or fear of traveling due to the outbreak or if your destination has an outbreak. Additionally, many travel insurers do NOT cover pandemics. If you have already purchased a trip insurance policy, please call your insurance provider for full details.
  4.  How can I protect my trip if policies do NOT cover the coronavirus? One of the only ways to protect future travel plans from disruption and cancellation for coronavirus would be to purchase a travel insurance policy that has an upgrade to CANCEL FOR ANY REASON “CFAR”. Note that these policies typically are “upgrades” to the standard coverage and you must OPT-IN and UPGRADE (if available) to “CANCEL FOR ANY REASON”. Additionally please note that they typically reimburse up to 75% of your trip cost and the cancellation must be done at least 2 days prior to departure. You also must typically insure the full cost of your trip. These “cancel for any reason” policies may have maximum limits of coverage and may not be available for all states or countries.
  5. What do you recommend in terms of insurance? We STRONGLY recommend that all travelers look into trip cancellation insurance WITH “Cancel for any Reason” PRIOR to booking any travel package with us, particularly non-refundable trips. We also recommend that they CALL the potential travel insurance company and ask the travel insurance representatives any potential questions or concerns that they have before purchasing any coverage so they understand it completely before booking.
  6. When do I need to purchase the coverage? For “cancel for any reason” coverage usually has to be purchased within 14 to 21 days of the date you booked your trip. Note that this varies greatly by company and time may be shorter than 14 days. (this varies by the provider so make sure to know when the exact cutoff is). 
  7. Do you recommend a specific company? We recommend the following company click here but you are welcome to book with any company of your choice. We recommend all clients shop around and be as knowledgeable as possible about insurance to make the right choice for them. Before committing to any kind of travel insurance coverage it’s always a good idea to call the insurance provider to make sure that everything you think is covered will be covered for your exact trip to the exact destination you are going. 
  8. What if my country of residence is not included in the links above? The links above are primarily for USA/Canadian residents. If you are a resident of another country, we recommend shopping online for a reputable travel insurance provider in your country of residence.  Additionally, other countries may have different coverage levels or policies.

If you have any further questions, please contact your sales rep. Due to the fast-evolving situation with COVID-19 we do recommend that you call the travel insurance provider PRIOR to purchasing any trip to make sure you are up to date with all policies and coverage as they are always subject to change.

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