where to get a covid-19 test in cartagena

Where To Get a Covid-19 Test in Cartagena

If you are traveling to Cartagena, you may need to take a Covid-19 Test before boarding your flight back home . We setup a list on where to get a Covid-19 test in Cartagena below. All places are conveniently located close to the tourism sector and can also provide testing at your hotel.

Note that since January 26th, 2021, the US government has required all air passengers arriving back to the US from any foreign country to demonstrate they are negative for COVID-19 in order to board their flights. Passengers must show a negative test result taken no more than 3 days before their return flight. If you are traveling back to another country, check your country’s policy in regards to returning from Colombia.

Recommended Labs for Covid-19 Tests in Cartagena:

where to get a covid-19 test in cartagena

The following places are close to your hotel. They can also provide testing at your hotel for an additional cost.

HealthCars (for Covid test at Cartagena Airport)

  • Website: https://healthcarssas.com/index.php. ***Information about the test NOT on their website but on their Instagram https://www.instagram.com/healthcars/
  • Location: at Rafael Nuñez Airport (next to International Arrivals)
  • Operation hours: Everyday, 7am – 6pm.
  • No appointment required (by arrival order) and they also offer home testing (with additional charge).
  • Tests & prices:
    • PCR: $350,000 pesos (around $97 USD), results in 24-36 hours.
    • Antigen: $150,000 pesos (around $41 USD), one hour result for an antigen test at the airport.

Clinica MediHelp

  • Website: https://www.clinicamedihelp.com/
  • Location: Cra 6a No. 5 – 101 Bocagrande Cartagena, Colombia.
  • Operation hours: From Monday – Saturday (Saturday until 10am only) for PCR test only. Everyday for Antigen test.
  • Contact: +57 314 2521118 (*including WhatsApp)
  • No appointment required (by arrival order).
  • Tests & prices:
    • PCR: $400,000 pesos (around $110 USD), 24 hour results.
    • Antigen: $170,000 (around $48 USD), 3 hour results. Everyday.

Servicios Integrales de Salud

  • Website: https://www.sisdiagnosticos.com/
  • Location: Cra. 2 #7-179, Avenida San Martín, Cartagena, Colombia
  • Operation hours: Monday to Sunday, 7:00am – 10:00pm (including holidays).
  • No appointment required (by arrival order).
  • Contact: (+1) 7866040557 USA  / (+57) 3045813690 COLOMBIA (*including WhatsApp).
  • Test offered:
    • PCR: $280,000 pesos (around $78 USD), results in 24 hours. Additional charge of 40.000 pesos (around $12 USD) for home/hotel testing.
    • Antigen: $100.000 pesos (around $28 USD), result 3-5 hours. Additional charge of 25.000 pesos (around $7 USD) for home/hotel testing.

Cartagena Hotels

where to get a covid-19 test in cartagena

Most of 5-star hotels in Cartagena offer a concierge service that helps clients obtain a covid-19 test. They will generally recommend a lab or clinic they partner with or have a special arrangement to help tourists in obtaining these tests. A handful of hotels such as Sofitel Santa Clara Hotel will arrange a test to be done at the actual hotel or the guest’s room. Pricing of COVID-19 tests of each hotel and clinic are different. And currently, no hotels in Cartagena offer FREE testing for their guests.

If you booked our Cartagena Colombia Travel Package with us, you could contact our staff and we’d be happy to assist you with any questions. We can also set up the appointment at your hotel (before your trip) and make the entire experience completely without Hassles!



Note we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any lab’s testing or whether or not your airline or government will accept one of these tests. This post is for general information purposes only.  It is advisable to consult with your country of residence and airline for  specific requirements and which testing labs they will and won’t accept. Information on testing and costs are subject to change.

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