Pamplona Balconies

Pamplona Balconies

Pamplona Balconies


Pamplona Balconies. Watch the Bull Run or “Encierro” from a preferential balcony while accompanied by a local guide who will explain all there is to know about this unique event.


Companies, Conferences, Groups or Individuals. Group size: between 1 and 150 people.


Our local guide will take the clients to selected balconies on the first or second floors of buildings located along the course of the Bull Run. Once there, and over a cup of coffee and some biscuits, the guide will provide a detailed description of the origins and history of the Bull Run as well as of the events immediately preceding the race. After the Run has passed by the balcony, the guide will explain each stage of the race while the clients watch a replay of the televised coverage of the whole event.


To enjoy the Bull Run from a prime position balcony and to learn the history and many little known facts about this traditional race.


Buffet breakfast, Guided tours, Gastronomic programmes.


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