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Running of the Bulls Packages


The Running of the Bulls is held every year between July 6th and 14th. It is one of the world’s craziest festivals where people run through the streets of the medieval city with actual live wild bulls! Every year over one million party-goers flock to Pamplona to experience the San Fermin Festival. The days are filled with drinking Sangria, eating delicious tapas, enjoying the local festivities and for the brave ones – running for their lives in front of angry bulls! If you are looking to travel to Pamplona to Run with the Bulls during the San Fermin Festival, you have come to the right place! We have been offering Pamplona Tour Packages since 2008 and include everything you need to have an incredible time - Transportation to/from Pamplona (Land or Air), Quality Accommodation, Transfers, VIP Balconies, Tours, Bull-Fight Tickets & More! Keep in mind this is an individual and not a group package so we can customize whatever you want. 

For our Running of the Bulls Travel Package, we recommend staying in Pamplona for 3 to 4 nights as well as include add-on nights in other Spanish or European cities. You will have to travel to Pamplona from either Madrid or Barcelona, so we highly recommend adding those cities to your package. For those of you brave enough to run with the bulls, we always include a VIP Balcony the first morning in Pamplona so you can get a feel of everything before you run. As far as pricing, keep in mind that the start of the festival is always a lot more expensive than the middle or end. 




Running of the Bulls Travel Package:

  • Round Trip Airfare or Train Tickets to Pamplona, Spain (Optional)
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • VIP Balcony to watch the Running of the Bulls (Coffee/Pastries included)
  • City Tour of Pamplona
  • Bull Fight Tickets
  • Local Pamplona Guides
  • Airport / Train Station Transfers
  • All Taxes and Fees

* Packages  are customized independent travel packages that may be arranged at anytime during the festival dates.
** We can provide airfare from anywhere in the world. *** Hotels book extremely early so we highly encourage guests to book as early as possible .** Payment plans available.


Sample Itinerary (Running of the Bulls): (Anytime between July 5 & 15)

Day 1 – Depart to Pamplona Spain (if an overnight flight)
Day 2 – Arrival/pickup from airport and check into hotel. Day & Night at leisure to relax. 
Day 3 – Early wake up or meet/up with the guide (if you have pulled an “all-nighter”) to see the running of the bulls (7am!) from the comfort of your VIP Balcony. Coffee/pastries included as well as company guide. Enjoy a buffet breakfast right after the running of the bulls in one of the most impressive 18th-century palaces of Pamplona. After breakfast, you will go on a city tour where our guides will tell you more about the San Fermin festival, the history and traditions of the city, our culture and gastronomy. Night at Leisure. 
Day 4 – Morning at Leisure (a lot of people will try to run with the bulls after getting a feel of it the day before.) Go to the Bullfight at around 6pm. 
Day 5 – Day at Leisure to relax and check out the local festivities. Check out the fireworks at night followed by a night at leisure or check out the local bars and pubs.
Day 6 – Depart back home or to your next destination.

**  Please call the office to speak to a Pamplona expert to get an exact quote and schedule as every group if different.**You are free to participate in the running of the bulls at 7am any morning. You must be at least 18 years old and it is free of charge. Please note that you cannot be intoxicated and will be kicked out off the street by authorities if you are deemed to be intoxicated. We are not liable nor encourage/discourage anyone from running with the bulls! This is at your own risk!


Recommended Pamplona Hotels

  • Pamplona Balconies

    Watching the Running of the Bulls from a VIP Pamplona Balcony is a must do and included in your package. VIP balconies are located on the 1st and 2nd floors.

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  • Pamplona City Tour with VIP Breakfast

    After watching the running of the bulls from your Balcony, our guide will take you to Guenduláin Palace for an excellent quality buffet breakfast followed by a Pamplona City Tour.

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  • Pamplona Bull Fights

    Every evening from the 6 to 14 of July, the Pamplona bull fights take place in the Plaza de Toros at 6:30PM during the San Fermin Festival. This activity is included in your package.

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