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The Running of the Bulls  (San Fermin Festival)in Pamplona, Spain takes place every morning at 8:00 am from July 7th to July 14th. Locals that live in the Pamplona City Centre and along the Run Route rent their Pamplona Balconies to local tour operators and tourists for them to watch the running of the bulls every morning.  There are two kinds of Pamplona Balconies available. The VIP Pamplona Balconies (located on the 1st & 2nd floors) are the ones included in your package. If you book late, we may not be able to get your VIP Pamplona Balconies but will include standard balconies in your package (located on 3rd or higher floors).

We always include the Pamplona Balconies on the 1st morning you are in Pamplona so that you can get a feel of the locations and what happens on the Run just in case you want to try it during your trip. You also have a chance to ask the guide for tips.

What’s included in our VIP Pamplona Balconies Service:

  • Transfer service with a local guide to the meeting point in the Old Town. If you are not staying in Old Town, the pick-ups start at 6:00 am.
  • You will be accompanied from the meeting point to the Old Town and their respective balconies.
  • Balconies are located in first and second floors (unless you book late)
  • At the balcony, you will be offered ready-made coffee and biscuits while the guide provides a detailed description of the Bull Run.
  • After the running, the guide will provide further information while you can watch a replay of the television coverage of the whole run.

This service will be with other tourists that are staying in Pamplona. We can also customize private tours if you want a guide to provide you with a play by play of the Run Route.

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