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Rio New Years Events 2024/2025

Rio de Janeiro has always been considered one of the best New Year’s Eve destinations in the world. Besides it being the middle of summer and Rio’s incredible beaches, the main attraction is the festive Cariocas (people from Rio). They are warm and friendly and all about a great party. Rio New Years is the place to be and they’ll make sure you feel welcome and have the time of your life!

If you are looking to party during New Year’s Eve, we have come up with a list of the top events for the end of the year in Rio. The main attraction is the fireworks on Copacabana Beach, which is a free event, but it does get extremely crowded. If you aren’t into huge crowds and want to ring in the New Year at an upscale event, we recommend the Rio New Years parties below.

Keep in mind that TGW Travel Group provides Rio New Years Eve Packages, which include Accommodation, Transfers, Tours, On-Site Staff, Nightlife Services, and an Exclusive New Years Eve Rio Party accompanied by a TGW Host. We do not sell the 2024/2025 Rio New Years Events on their own as they need to be part of our Rio New Years Package

Top Rio New Years Eve Parties:

  1. New Year’s Eve at Sugarloaf Mountain or Morro de Urca
  2. New Year’s at the Copacabana Palace
  3. Rio Othon Hotel New Year’s Eve
  4. Rio Reveillon @ The Jockey Club
  5. Pestana Rio Atlantica Rooftop Party

Rio New Years Events

Based on past years these events have been the Rio New Year’s Events that we recommend.

New Year’s Eve @ Sugar Loaf or Morro de Urca

The view from this party is like no other! It sits atop one of Rio de Janeiro’s top tourist attractions – Morro de Urca & Sugarloaf Mountains. The party includes open bar and food as well as great entertainment – DJs, Bands, etc. The main party takes place on Morro de Urca Mountain, but it also has access to Sugarloaf Mountain, which is higher, for those that want to pay extra.

New Year’s at the Copacabana Palace

One of, if not the most upscale party in Rio is the New Year’s Eve Gala at the Copacabana Palace. The main party for Rio New Year will be held in three halls: Nobre, Golden, and Front. There will be live music, dinner buffet, and drinks scheme already included in the price. The tables will be shared in numbers of 10 and 12 places. Guests can watch the fireworks from the Great Hall.

Rio Othon Rio New Year’s Eve Parties:

The Rio Othon  Hotel offers 3 parties during New Year’s Eve. One on their rooftop, 3rd. Floor and ground floor. With the rooftop, you get a more exclusive view of the fireworks from the top as well as open bar and food. The 3rd floor offers dining service for a great New Year’s Eve Dinner and also a view of the fireworks via the hall windows. The ground floor is the largest venue and will have bands, entertainment, open bar & finger food all night. With the rooftop, you have access to all parties. The 3rd floor gives you access to the ground floor party.

The hotel also offers a roped off section in front of the hotel, if you would like to check out the fireworks outside. You can also watch the fireworks on the sand and go back to the party afterwards.

Rio Reveillon @ The Jockey Club

Although this party isn’t on Copacabana Beach, we consider it one of the best for Rio New Year. The venue is great, it’s an upscale local crowd and it’s an overall incredible value!

With over 3000 people expected to attend, you can watch the fireworks from one of the tourists’ attractions, The “Rodrigo de Freitas” lake which overlooks the Christ the Redeemer statue.

It’s an all-inclusive party that includes Food & Open Bar. We include all service fees as well as VIP tickets to events. This event has reserved numbered VIP table seats, and “first come first serve” table options available.

Pestana Rio Atlantica Rooftop

A great option in front of Copacabana Beach is the party at the Pestana Rio Atlantica Hotel. This party offers 4 different options to choose from at different price points. It offers a party at the hotel’s ground level, another option at the hotel’s largest conference room with a view of Copacabana Beach on the 4th floor, and a couple of options on the hotel’s rooftop, which has an amazing view and the one we recommend.

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