Top Honeymoon Destinations

If you’ve traveled with us during your single days, don’t forget about TGW when you are getting hitched! We cater to everyone regardless of age, gender, or if you’re single, married, or in something complicated! Our travel packages are about having the time of your life and we can personally customize any package to make sure you get the most out of your honeymoon. Also keep in mind that we are a full-service travel company, so we can provide you with any destination in the world. We put together a list of our top honemoon destinations. Check it out below.

Check Out Our Honeymoon Testimonials from Past Trips:

Andrea H. Trip: Oktoberfest plus Paris & Amsterdam
“TGW did an absolute fantastic job helping to plan our honeymoon! I told them I wanted to go to Amsterdam, Paris, and Oktoberfest and they took care of the rest. The hotels were wonderful and in great parts of each city. They also arranged transportation to and from the hotel. We couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon! Thank you TGW!!!”

Marcia G. Trip: Rio de Janeiro Carnival
“We had such an amazing time all the tour guides were super friendly and professional and a lot of fun!! they took us to cool places you wouldn’t know if you were traveling on your own. I would use TGW again and again!! Everything was seamless from all the tours booked to wanting extra tours during our stay! I wish everyone all the best and hope to see you all again!! Also all the transfers cars/buses were clean comfy and leather seats it was luxury.”

TGW’s Top Honeymoon Destinations

  1. Greece & its islands – The Greek Islands are absolutely beautiful. Ask any bride-to-be her preferred destination and she will most likely say the Greek Islands especially Santorini with its white villages perched on huge cliffs overlooking the blue turquoise waters. Not only are the landscapes incredible but the islands offer a wide array of nightlife, dining, water sports, beaches, & shopping. When to Travel – The best times to go to Greece are between May and October. For honeymooners, we recommend the months of May, June & September as the islands aren’t as busy/crowded. For honeymooners, we recommend 2 nights in Athens, 2 in Mykonos & 3 in Santorini. Check out our Greece Honeymoon Travel Package.
  2. Cartagena, Colombia – Cartagena is a city rich in history, culture, charm, and, most notably, romance.  The Old City is full of narrow streets with vibrant colors. The fortress preserves a city lost in time and transforms those who visit an era of horse-drawn chariots, romantic terraces, wheelbarrows of fresh fruit, and a life that was simpler in so many ways. When to Travel – Since Cartagena is on the Caribbean Coast, any time of the year is great in terms of weather. For honeymooners, we recommend mid-January to April, the month of May & August through October. Our Travel Package – We work with all of the top hotels in Cartagena. Our Cartagena Travel Package includes flights, accommodation, airport transfers, tours and we can also include some nights on the town with a bi-lingual guide. For honeymooners, we recommend 3 nights in Cartagena including a tour in a horse-drawn carriage plus 2 nights at a resort on the Rosario Islands.
  3. Buzios, Brazil – The picturesque resort town of Buzios is located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, only a 2.5-hour drive from the city of Rio. It is one of Brazil’s most upscale and animated seaside resorts, littered with boutiques, fine restaurants, villas, bars, and posh pousadas. It’s narrow cobblestone streets and the picturesque waterfront has similarities to St. Tropez. When to Travel – The busiest times in Buzios are during the Brazilian Summer, especially between mid-December to mid-January and around Carnival. If you are looking to go when it’s less crowded, we recommend September to December as well as May – July (even though it’s winter in Brazil, the average high will be in the low 70s). Our Travel Package: We offer Buzios as an add-on to our Rio de Janeiro Travel Package. You have to fly to Rio to get to Buzios so we would recommend a 2 to 3 nights stay in Rio (you can’t go to Brazil without checking out the “Marvelous City”) with an additional 3 nights in Buzios.

If you are interested in planning a honeymoon trip or simply a Romantic Getaway with your honey, let us take care take care of the planning for you. We can provide any destination including Paris, Venice, or Bora Bora. We’ll make sure you have the time of your life!


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