Top New Year’s Eve Destinations

One of our favorite holidays of the year is New Year’s Eve. It’s definitely a holiday that gives you optimism. If you’ve had a tough year, you celebrate good things to come next year. If you’ve had a great year, you celebrate that you will top it! New Year’s Eve is about celebrating a better future, setting goals and objectives for the next year and achieving them, and also about letting loose and having fun. If you are single it’s about getting that New Year’s kiss at midnight with the hottie you have been eyeing all night. If you are in a relationship or married, it’s about celebrating the coming year with your loved one and celebrating the years past. Although its fun to spend New Year’s Eve in your home town with friends and family, there’s nothing like spending it in an exotic destination especially if you can do it with friends or family and if not, it’s still one of the best ways to ring in the New Year! Here is our list of the Top New Year’s Eve Destinations.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Rio is our favorite destination in the world. The combination of the people, beaches, landscape, party yet a laidback atmosphere is what keeps me coming back. It’s a sexy city and for New Year’s it’s electric. The days leading up to New Year are amazing. The nightlife is probably the best it is all year because you not only have people from all over Brazil in Rio but also the world. The beaches are packed and guess what; it’s the middle of summer! So while most of us are freezing, it’s in the 80s & 90s in Rio. For New Year’s Eve, Millions of people hit Copacabana Beach to experience an incredible fireworks show and party on the beach. There are also a ton of great parties all around the city. I enjoy going to the parties because the crowd is more upscale, less hectic and most are all-inclusive, but TGW offers both options. New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. Cartagena, Colombia –  The Old City is incredible. It’s conserved so well that you feel that you are in the Spanish Colonial Era. During this time of year, the city is packed with Colombian tourists. It’s the #1 destination for Colombians from the interior (Bogota, Cali, Medellin) as it’s a beach city and there are a ton of events, especially for the country’s jet-set. There are a ton of New Year’s Eve parties all over the city, but we take our clients to one of the best, which is located on top of the historic wall and thrown by one of the best and most luxurious hotels in Cartagena. New Year’s Eve in Cartagena, Colombia
  3. Punta del Este, Uruguay – This was one of the chicest places to spend New Year’s Eve in South America. Punta del Este is where the rich & famous from Buenos Aires & Sao Paulo spend their holidays between Christmas & the beginning of January. It’s extremely pricey, but if your wallet can handle it, it’s worth it. Besides the nightlife, Punta del Este is a beautiful city. The beaches are extremely beautiful and they can range from calm waters to incredible waves for the surfers. If you are looking for a chic and beautiful beach town to spend New Year’s, you should consider Punta del Este. New Year’s Eve in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Other destinations for New Year’s are of course Las Vegas, New Year’s Eve in South Beach – Miami, and New York, but if you are looking to get out of the country, we highly recommend you check out the ones above. Also, give us your feedback on some great destinations you have experienced for New Year’s. We open to suggestions and who knows, maybe your suggestion will be the next TGW NEW YEAR’S EVE HOTSPOT!

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