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Ultimate Brazil Carnival Package


This is definitely the Ultimate Brazil Carnival Package because you get to experience the Two Top Brazilian Carnivals on One Trip. The package includes 5 nights in Salvador, Bahia (Northeast Brazil) during Carnival plus 4 nights of post Carnival partying in Rio de Janeiro. The Saturday following Carnival, Rio de Janeiro is host to the Winner’s Parade, which is the crowning of the winning Samba School from Rio Carnival. Only the top 6 Samba Schools from Carnival in Rio perform on this night. With our Ultimate Brazil Carnival Package, you get to experience the Wild Street Parties in Salvador and experience the World Famous Samba Parade in Rio de Janeiro, which is sold as an add-on because pricing differs depending on the section you choose.

The package includes hotel accommodation in both cities, airport transfers, Carnival Parties in Salvador (1 Bloco Street Party / 2 All-Inclusive Camarotes), Nightlife Services in Rio (Access to hottest post-carnival parties or clubs with Bottle Service), and most importantly 24/7 On-Location Staff in both destinations. We can also add airfare from any city in the world. Carnival in Brazil can get hectic, especially in Salvador, with millions of people on the street, so it's good to have someone there to assist you. We have been providing this package since 2004 so we are experts and will provide you with the Ultimate Brazilian Carnival Experience!



Ultimate Brazil Carnival Package:

  • Multi-city Airfare (Optional)
  • 9 Nights Hotel Accommodation
    • 5 Nights in Salvador/4 Nights in Rio de Janeiro
  • 3 Nights Carnival Party Service in Salvador
    • 2 Nights Camarotes/1 Night Blocos
    • Both Camarotes are all inclusive
    • Private Guides & Transportation to Parties
  • 2 Nights Rio Club Party Service
    • Transfers to Clubs, Covers, and TGW Host
  • Beach Day Tour with Guide in Salvador
  • Christ Statue Tour in Rio de Janeiro
  • Airport Pick-up/Drop-off in Both Cities
  • 24 Hour On-Location Staff in Both Cities
  • Daily Breakfast Buffet
  • Departure Taxes and Fees

*Prices will change due to availability
** This Brazil Carnival Package can be customized, as long as it is within the dates of the package
*** Payment Plans Are Available
**** If you are traveling alone, we can try to find you a roommate to save cash. Email us!
***** We will be offering extra party options in Salvador that you can purchase after you have booked your trip.


Sample Itinerary:

Day 1 (Thursday) – Depart from the United States to Salvador, Bahia

Day 2 ( Friday) – Arrive in Salvador, early Afternoon. Check into your respective hotels and then meet group for brief orientation. This night is a night of the Camarote Party.

Day 3 (Saturday) – Free morning to relax at hotel pool, beach, or sleep. Meet at destination point in the afternoon and head over to the BLOCO.

Day 4 (Sunday) – We will take the group to one of Salvador’s best beaches on this day. The best beaches in Salvador are located about 30 – 45 minutes from the city. It’s a great way to relax amid all of the crazyness.

Day 5 (Monday) – Free day. You can choose to add an All-Inclusive Camarote, which is one of Salvador’s best.

Day 6 (Tuesday) – Free day. Tonight is a night in where you can choose if you want a CAMAROTE, a BLOCO, or just relax and charge your batteries for the Rio portion of the trip. We will be providing you some party options in Salvador you can purchase before your trip.

Day 7 (Wednesday) – You will depart for Rio de Janeiro. Check into the hotel. Free Day. Free night to relax.

Day 8 – 9 (Thursday, Friday) – Day 8 – Christ Statue Tour in the afternoon; Day 9 – Free day. Both nights include the TGW Party Service, which includes  access to a different club each night, Front of Line Entry, Covers, Private Guides.

Day 10 (Saturday) – Free day to Relax. Free Night or choose to purchase tickets to Winner’s Parade or an extra night out with us. This is a can’t miss and one of the most beautiful parades you will ever see.

Day 11 (Sunday) – Go Back Home.


Salvador Carnival Hotel Options

Rio de Janeiro Hotel Options


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  • Jeffrey S. Age: 30 Neptune, NJ

    "What I liked most about my tour was the contrast between Salvador and Rio. I feel you get the full Brazilian Carnaval experience. One word to describe the experience - Legendary!"

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  • Adam H. Age: 29 Charleston, WV

    Ultimate Carnaval is an understatement, it is more like everything I have done, on smashed into one. Right now, I am plotting my way through the next 11 months to figure out how to make it to next years Carnaval.“This is my first trip, and I have partied around the world. New Years Phoenix, AZ 2004-05, New Years Tokyo 2005-06, Amsterdam on New Years Eve in 2006-07, Bangkok Thailand 2007, Edinbourgh Castle Hogmany 2007-2008, NBA All Star parties 2009, Oktoberfest Germany 2009, Columbus, OH OSU Finals week 2010, and let me tell you that none of these can even compare to the experience of a Salvador Brazil Carnaval experience. Ultimate Carnaval is an understatement, it is more like everything I have done, on smashed into one. Right now, I am plotting my way through the next 11 months to figure out how to make it to next years Carnaval."

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  • Sarah M. Age: 24 Sydney, Australia

    Fantastic trip that i wouldnt have been able to organise or execute on my own, very impressed!

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