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Our TGW travel guides were exclusively for clients, but we wanted to share a few of them with people that visit our site. We always strive to be and are experts in all of the destinations we offer. For most of our destinations and special events, we provide our clients with Written Travel Guides to take with them on their trip.

TGW Travel Group (Tours Gone Wild) was founded in 2004 and we have a wealth of information. All packages offered have been personally experienced by TGW Staff, so we know what we are talking about and are able to make our experience even better for our clients. Check out our TGW Travel Guides below. We will be continuously updating this page to include more and more guides.

TGW Travel Guides

cartagena travel guide

Cartagena Travel Guide

If you are traveling or thinking about traveling to Cartagena, Colombia, download our Cartagena Travel Guide with awesome recommendations for your trip!

rio carnival street parties

Rio Carnival Street Parties Guide

The Rio Carnival Street Parties have been getting more and more popular every year. There are close to 300 registered Rio Carnival Street Parties going on during Carnival. Our Rio Carnival Street Party Survival Guide gets you ready for the mayhem!

rio carnival samba parade

Samba Parade Rio Carnival Guide

If you are traveling to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival, the Rio Carnival Samba Parade is a CAN’T MISS! It takes place from Friday until Monday of Carnival (Feb. 11 – 12). On the Friday & Saturday of Carnival week, Rio’s Sambadrome hosts the Access Group Samba Schools. These are minor Samba Schools and the […]

running of the bulls dates

Best Running of the Bulls Dates

The San Fermin Festival is held every year between July 6 and 14. The festival has become internationally known because of the running of the bulls, where the bulls are lead through the streets of Pamplona’s old quarter to the bull ring by runners. If you are looking to travel to this festival, it’s good to know the […]

best restaurants rio de janeiro

Best Restaurants Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is full of great restaurants so it’s extremely hard to pick the city’s best! For the Best Restaurants Rio de Janeiro TGW Travel Guide, we analyzed the restaurants from our staff’s personal experiences as well as online reviews from various sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor & others. Yes, you will always find those […]

brazilian portuguese phrases

Handy Brazilian Portuguese Phrases for Travelers

Traveling to a different country and knowing a little bit of the language or at list the basics to get by is key! In Brazil, Portuguese is the language spoken so before the trip it’s always good to brush up on some Portuguese or at least print out our Brazilian Portuguese Guide – Handy Brazilian […]

rio restaurants food guide

Rio Restaurants That Don’t Break the Bank

Most of the travel guides you’ll find online for Rio restaurants are only for the top, fanciest ones. We wanted to mix it up a bit and provide you with recommendations for Rio restaurants that offer a good value and won’t break the bank. These restaurants are frequented by locals and recommended by local staff […]

ibiza guide

Ibiza Guide

Ibiza is the Summer Party Capital of the World! From May until the beginning of October, the biggest names in EDM make Ibiza their home. If you are looking to travel to Ibiza, Our Ibiza Guide is a great start to learn more about the island and know what to expect. Our Ibiza Guide Includes […]

rio de janeiro guide

Rio de Janeiro Guide 10 Commandments

If you are going to Rio de Janeiro, this is the perfect Rio de Janeiro Guide to make sure you have a great time! Our Travel Guide offers you the 10 Commandments to Follow in Rio.

Brazil Carnival Guide

Brazil Carnival Guide

Carnival in Brazil is considered the World’s Greatest Party! It happens all over the country, but the two best Carnivals in Brazil are Carnival in Rio de Janeiro & Carnival in Salvador, Bahia. If you have never been to Brazilian Carnival, it’s always best to know the facts. TGW Travel Group has been offering trips […]

Get a Free Salvador Carnival Survival Guide

Guide to Salvador Carnival

Carnival in Salvador, Bahia is one of the WILDEST PARTIES you will ever experience. It’s something that is hard to explain without experiencing the madness for yourself. Just imagine: Millions of People on the Street dancing, drinking, singing and going absolutely NUTS. Parties going on all around you – On the Street following Brazil’s hottest […]