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Cartagena Travel Guide

If you’ve been thinking about traveling to Colombia or South America for that matter, you’ve probably come across the city of Cartagena in your searches. At the moment, it’s one of the hottest destinations to travel to in South America. TGW has been offering Cartagena as one of its main destinations since 2006. We provide customized Packages to Cartagena year-round as well as for Special Events like Cartagena’s Independence in November, the National Beauty Pageant, Easter Week (Semana Santa) & New Year’s Eve. Our staff in Cartagena as well as one of the founders of TGW (that’s also Colombian) assisted in putting together this comprehensive Cartagena Travel Guide. 

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The Cartagena Travel guide touches on the following topics:

1. Dress Code, Money Matters, Weather, etc.

2. Cartagena Don’ts – The #1 thing about traveling is using common sense, so whatever you wouldn’t do back home, we recommend also not doing it on your trip. 

3. Cartagena Do’s – Besides booking your package with TGW Travel Group, we recommend walking around the walled city, visiting San Felipe Castle, Savoring the Cartagena Cuisine (recommended restaurants included), and more recommendations are in the Cartagena Travel Guide!

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