Covid-19 Update

(Updated March 24, 2020)

With the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, we have been receiving a lot of calls and emails regarding current and future travel.  Our main priority is the health and welfare of our clients during these tough times. One of the main reasons people book with our company is because of our personalized service. TGW Travel Group is committed to support all of our clients to make the best possible decisions regarding their travel plans. The current situation is extremely dynamic and changing every day due to travel restrictions per country, airline cancellations and policies, etc. so each client’s situation is different. We are treating each client’s situation on a case-by-case basis and emailing each person one by one.

If your travel is from now until May 01, 2020 and your package has been cancelled due to travel restrictions or air cancellation, we have already been in contact with you with the viable options for a refund, change of dates on your package or credit with our company for future travel.

If your travel is from May 1 – 31, 2020, We are closely monitoring and managing this situation as it evolves; we receive daily updates from our local contacts in-country and also carefully review any news and official changes in travel advice from the US State Department into destinations we offer trips. If anything changes, we will personally email you with your options. We are advising all clients to wait until about 20 days prior to their travel to see what the situation is at that time.

If your travel is from June 1 – September 01, 2020, we are closely monitoring the situation, but as of now nothing has been cancelled by our suppliers so if you do want to cancel, you may be charged cancellation or rebooking penalties. We are advising everyone to wait until 30 days prior to your travel dates and we will regroup to see how the situation is at that time. For people that have booked one of our special event packages during this time, we are in contact with our local suppliers and will be emailing you personally if there are any important updates to those special events.

For travel after September 1st, nothing has been cancelled and normal change or cancellation penalties apply.

Due to the outbreak of this pandemic, the tourism industry is suffering (as well as everyone else). It’s going to be tough times for the months ahead. We are recommending everyone that has to cancel their trip to postpone it for a future date or receive a travel credit with us to use once you know your date of future travel. Potential bonuses may also apply for trip postponement. (contact your rep for details).  For those of you that can not reschedule a trip and prefer a refund, we will do our best in refunding all of your travel investment. As far as our clients that booked air with us, each airline has a different cancellation policy and most are waiving fees to reschedule flights for a future date. We will work this out with each person on a case-by-case basis depending on the airline booked.

If you have NOT YET booked travel or have booked travel recently in the last 14 to 21 days  with us and are interested in how to protect your trip investment in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, CLICK HERE for more information.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your travel arrangements, please contact your TGW Travel Group Expert, who will be happy to assist or send any question to,  an inbox we are constantly monitoring.