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Jericoacoara Travel Package


If you are looking for a true paradise off the beaten path, we highly recommend our Jericoacoara Travel Package. Jericoacoara (Jeri for short) is small fishing village located 300 km west of Fortaleza in the Northeast of Brazil.

Up until the early 1980’s, this remote village in the middle of sand dunes had no electricity or roads. In 1984, the area around Jeri was declared an Environmental Protection Area (EPA) and in 2002 a National Park. Being an EPA, Jeri has building restrictions and tourism controls with only authorized vehicles allowed in.

As Jeri became known for its beautiful beaches, panoramic sunsets, incredible landscapes (dunes & lagoons), exciting activities (world renown for Kite & Wind Surfing), adventurers and backpackers gave notice. Today, the village is a go-to destination for local Brazilians, avid Kite & Wind Surfers from all over the world & travelers looking for a one-of-a-kind destination.

Jericoacoara Travel Package Highlights:

  • Take a Dip in the Blue Hole (Buraco Azul) and admire its unusual blue color
  • Spend an Afternoon at the Paradise Lagoon and chill in the famous hammocks set over the water
  • Get an Adrenaline Rush dashing through the sand dunes on the West Coast
  • Watch the Spectacular Sunset on top of the Dunes
  • Enjoy Moonlit Walks through the villages sand-only streets at night.

You can travel to Jeri year-round. It doesn’t get below 22 °C (70 °F). The rainy season is between January & June. The most expensive times to travel are during Brazilian holidays.

Our Jericoacoara Travel Package is recommended for at least 4 nights because of its remote access. You may also have to stay 1 or 2 nights in Fortaleza depending on your flights. Our travel experts completely customize your package for the best experience possible!


Jericoacoara Travel Package Includes:

  • Flights (Optional either to JJD or FOR)
  • Accommodation in Fortaleza (if needed)
  • Accommodation in Jericoacoara
  • Private Round-Trip 4×4 Vehicle Transfers to/from Jericoacoara
  • Private Tour in Buggie to East Coast of Jeri
  • Private Tour in Buggie to West Coast of Jeri
  • All Airport/Hotel Transfers

* Minimum of 4 nights recommended in Jericoacoara
** Buggies can be replaced for 4 wheelers or SUVs for tours
*** Package is personalized to your travel style.
**** Jericoacoara Tourist Tax NOT included and can be payed online prior to arrival. Your rep will assist you in doing this.


Jericoacoara Travel Package Sample Itinerary

* To get to Jericoacoara, you can either fly to the local airport (JJD, 40 minute drive from village) or fly to Fortaleza (300km drive; about 4 to 5 hours). The local airport (JJD) has limited flights so you will most likely have to fly into Fortaleza. The itinerary below is based on flying into Fortaleza and out of JJD, but your travel expert will provide you with your preferred option.  

Day 1: A driver will be waiting outside baggage claim. Assuming your flight arrives into Fortaleza before 2pm, the driver will take you in his 4 x 4 vehicle to Jeri. The drive is about 4 to 5 hours and it’s private.

Check into your Jericoacoara Hotel. Night at Leisure.

Day 2: At 9AM, your guide will pick you up for your private Buggie tour to Jeri’s East Coast. The tour highlights are the Lazy Tree, the Blue Hole, & Paradise Lagoon. We recommend choosing Alchymist Beach Club. It’s a bit more expensive than the rest, but the installations are much better. Keep in mind that the tour does not include entrance fees or lunch/drinks. Return back to Hotel at around 5pm. Night at Leisure.

Day 3: At 9AM, your guide will pick you up for your private Buggie tour of Jeri’s West Coast. The tour highlights are Bay of Mangue Seco, Guriu River, Tatajuba Lagoons, & Lago Grande Lagoon. Keep in mind that the optional rappelling at Tatajuba & lunch/drinks are not included. Return back to hotel at around 5pm. Night at Leisure.

Day 4: Day at Leisure. We recommend renting a beach chair at Jericoacoara’s local beach, taking a hike to check out Pedra Furada or relaxing by your hotel pool. The Sunset on top of the dunes is a can’t miss for your last day in Jeri. Night at Leisure.

Day 5: Your driver will pick you up 2.5 hours prior to your flight out of Jericoacoara’s local airport.


Jericoacoara Hotel Options

essenza hotel jericoacoara

Essenza Hotel Jericoacoara

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my blue hotel

My Blue Hotel Jericoacoara

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The following tours are included in your package.

jericoacoara east coast tour blue hole

Jericoacoara East Coast Tour

Discover stunning landscapes on our Jericoacoara East Coast Tour. Highlights include the lazy tree, the blue hole and paradise lagoon.

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jericoacoara west coast tour

Jericoacoara West Coast Tour

Beautiful beaches, mangroves, lagoons, dunes and much more await you on this Jericoacoara West Coast Tour.

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