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Brazil Travel Visas Waived for Summer 2016

It’s a great time to travel to Brazil this summer! Yes, Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the 2016 Summer Games (August 5 – 21) and Paralympics (Sept. 7 – 18), but Brazil has also made it official that they will be waiving travel visas for US, Canadian, Australian and Japanese citizens from June 1 to September 18, 2016! So if you travel anytime between those dates (for stays of up to 90 days), YOU ONLY NEED A VALID PASSPORT! This is going to save you up to US$160 (for US citizens) plus the hassle that goes with going through the Travel Visa Process, which can take up to 3 to 4 weeks to get at some consulates!

The US passport is one of the most sought out passports in the world for ease of travel. US Citizens can travel to 172 countries without a travel visa. Brazil is one of the only countries in South America that makes US Citizens go through this process. Other countries, like Argentina, make US citizens pay a reciprocity fee of US$160, but it’s an easy online process that takes 10 minutes to do online. “When we inform clients that they need visas to travel to Brazil, some think we are talking about a Visa Credit Card vs. a Travel Visa as they have traveled to multiple countries and never had to get one. The travel industry has lost a ton of last minute business due to this requirement and we hope the visa waiver for Brazil becomes something permanent” adds Arturo Perchemlian, President of TGW Travel Group.

If you are looking to experience the Summer Games or Paralympic games in Brazil, you have one less expense and headache to worry about. Our TGW Rio Summer Games Packages start at US$2,999/person for a 5 night package. Keep in mind that pricing is a lot more expensive for this special event. You can also choose to travel to Rio in June or July as pricing starts at US$1,699 during this time. We also offer packages all over Brazil if you want to visit other destinations apart from Rio!  If you have never been to Brazil, you need to take advantage of the visa waiver. It’s definitely one of those destinations you need to check off your bucket-list!

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