Rio Carnival Tours

There are many amazing activities to do in Rio de Janeiro. The city is one of the world’s most beautiful in terms of natural beauty and an outdoor lover’s paradise with amazing beaches, and cityscapes as well as the largest urban jungle in the world – the Tijuca Forest. The following Rio Carnival Tours are forecasted to be available during the upcoming Rio Carnival 2022.

Please note that some sightseeing tours run every day while others run only on certain days of the week.  Some activities such as hang gliding, the bike tour, helicopter tour  and hiking are  “weather permitting” and others may require a certain level of fitness in order to participate.

The Rio Christ and Sugarloaf and Jeep activities are all “rain or shine.” and most monuments will be quite crowded.

During the festival,  the city does experience quite a bit of traffic due to street closures because of the bloco street parties that occur during the day all over the city. For this reason and to make things smoother for our guests, we avoid booking any full day activities during this busy time or any tours that take guests outside of Rio as they would be excessively long and tiring.

Please consult with your TGW rep prior to booking any tour so they can help organize your daily schedule for Rio Carnival and avoid any schedule conflicts with tours. We also do recommend finalizing all tours at least 30 days prior to arriving in Brazil as some may sell out.

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