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Medellin Travel Package


Our Medellin Travel Package provides you with everything you need to experience this great city and is 100% personalized to your travel preferences. Once one of the world’s most dangerous cities, Medellin, Colombia has now become one of the hottest travel destinations in Latin America. The only danger Now is NOT wanting to return home.

The “City of Eternal Spring,” as locals call it because of its incredible year-round weather (average high temperature of 74°F and an average low temperature of 54°F), is fast becoming a tourist hot spot for fine dining, trendy bars and, of course, world-class coffee. Colombia’s 3rd largest city boasts a fantastic metro and cable car system that could rival the best in Europe, lots of parks, new buildings, libraries, restaurants, and a growing tech scene. The city was recently named One of the Most Innovative Cities in the World.

When you arrive in Medellin, there will be a driver to greet you and take you to your hotel. Our local suppliers will also be available for any emergency or question you may have. The hotels we provide are also in Medellin’s best neighborhood – El Poblado. Our Medellin Travel Package will also include access to the city’s best local hotspots as well as great tours to learn more about the city. If you are interested in experiencing the nightlife, we recommend traveling through a weekend.

We offer Medellin year-round. If you are looking to visit the city during a festival or special event, there’s the Flower Festival (Feria de las Flores) at the start of August & Colombia Fashion Week (Colombia Moda) at the end of July. Keep in mind that if you want to visit other destinations like Cartagena, Bogota or Cali, we can customize the package without a problem. If you are looking for private accommodation, we can also assist you.


Medellin Travel Package Includes:

  • Round-trip Airfare (optional)
  • Departure Taxes
  • Accommodation
  • Nightlife Servicse (Optional & Recommended on Weekends, excludes Special Event dates)
      Transfers to Clubs
      Cover Entrances
      Vip Access (no waiting in line)
      Private Guide
  • Airport Pick-up/Drop-off
  • Tour of Medellin
  • Pablo Escobar Tour
  • Full Day Tour to Guatape
  • Daily Breakfast Buffet
  • Departure Taxes and Fees

** Prices can change due to availability
*** We can provide airfare from anywhere in the world


Sample Itinerary (Medellin Travel Package):

Day 1, Wednesday – Depart to Medellin, Colombia. Someone will be at airport to pick you up and take you to your hotel. Today will be a free day and night to relax. Ask your TGW On-Location Rep for recommended restaurant options.

Day 2, Thursday –  In the morning, you will be picked up for your Full Day Tour to Guatape. Escape metropolitan Medellin in favor of Guatapé (Pueblo de Zocalos), home to the magnificent Peñol Rock (La Piedra del Peñol) on a 12-hour tour from Medellin. As well as ascending the 742 steps leading to the summit of Peñol Rock (La Piedra del Peñol), you’ll visit traditional villages such as Guarne and Marinilla. At night, your host will pick you up and take you bar hopping.

Day 3, Friday – In the afternoon, you will have your Half Day Medellin City Tour. Explore the downtown area using a mix of car, walking, metro, and aerial cable cars, then ascend to the Santo Domingo Savio Library, where you’ll enjoy panoramic city views. Finish with a trip to El Pueblito Paisa, which recreates life in colonial Colombia. At 10:30PM, your host will pick you up and take you to one of Medellin’s top clubs for a night on the town.

Day 4, Saturday – In the afternoon, you will be picked up for your Pablo Escobar Tour. Get an insider’s look at the life of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar during this 4- to 5-hour private excursion in Medellin. Learn the true stories behind this mythical figure from a local expert, visiting key locations like the soccer field he built for the community, the house where he was murdered on the roof, and the cemetery where he’s buried, plus much more. At 10:30PM, your host will pick you up and take you to one of Medellin’s top clubs for a night on the town.

Day 5, Sunday – The driver will pick you up 4 hours prior to your flight and take you to the airport for your flight back home.

* Keep in mind that this is ONLY a sample itinerary and we can customize the pacakage to your preferences.


Medellin Hotel Options

hotel poblado plaza medellin

Hotel Poblado Plaza Medellin

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estelar milla de oro hotel

Estelar Milla de Oro Hotel

View details
hotel poblado alejandria medellin

Hotel Poblado Alejandria Medellin

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The following activities are included in your travel package.

Medellin City Tour

Medellin City Tour

Discover the heart of Medellín Antioquia on a half day tour visiting the main highlights of the city. This Medellin City tour combines culture, art and history and takes you to Medellin's top attractions.

View details
Pablo Escobar Tour

Pablo Escobar Tour in Medellin

The Pablo Escobar Tour is about the World's Most Notorious Druglord and his impact on the community as well as the improvement of Medellin as a city.

View details
Full Day Penol & Guatape Tour

Full Day Penol & Guatape Tour

The Full Day Penol & Guatape Tour is one of the most popular day trips from Medellin. The view from the top El Peñol rock is amazing.

View details


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